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A Sarasota Soufflé occurs following a night of drinking, and eating large amounts of Taco Bell, or some kind of Mexican food. It essentially is a hang-over dump. However when it exits the rectum, it departs much like foam insulation. The steamy load effectively seals up the but crack, but with the appearance of a nicely cooked soufflé. The color of the soufflé can very person to person, and also depends on the combo ordered the night before.
Jerald, "Yo Doug, I just went to fire out that Taco Bell I ate last night and totally had the worst Sarasota Soufflé. I had to use little paper plates to scrap it all off."

Doug, "Where did you put those paper plates?"

Jerald, "On the picnic table in the backyard, I'll get rid of them in a couple minutes."

Doug, "Man, I was about to tell you that was the shittiest soufflé I've ever had."

Jerald, "Dude..."
by Teratoma April 15, 2010
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