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An amazing individual. someone who doesn't give 2 shits what you say. she's freshhh ! she's quite the amazing chick ; like i said. she lives in the most crackheaded city in the world ; schenectady, but she's planning on getting out. she's the youngest in her high school class. her bestfriends are tiffy babye ; m.lee ; sugamama; and boo ! she is an amazing dancer ; she's someone everyone wants to be. everyone hates her cause they aren't her but loves her at the same time. she's a bitch if she doesn't like you but loves almost everyone. keyword almost. she's a myspace and aim feind. it sucks. lol.
did you see sarahjeanne today ?

no she's probably out smoking weed. :]
by babyeRED45xO May 08, 2009
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