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Second-Rate Cougar from Alaska whom the Republicans bafflingly believe is somehow qualified to be "next in line" after having governed a lightly populated state for all of a year and a half.

Delivered a shrill, bitter speech at the Republican convention and will likely be buried by Joe Biden in the upcoming VP debates.

Has pregnant, unmarried teen daughter, who will soon marry white trash father.

Supports white trash activities, such as aerial wolf-hunting, protesting pro-choice groups and marrying rednecks.

Attended 5 third-rate colleges in 5 years, finally graduating from the vaunted University of Idaho.

Running mate to a guy who has one leg and two bum arms already in the grave.
Did you see that cougar Sarah Palin the other night at the RNC? Every pervert conservative geezer in the joint was looking up that bitch's skirt.
by The Herlihy Boy September 05, 2008
cum guzzling liar

may or may not be a MILF/wannabe VPILF in addition to being a cum guzzling liar
Sarah Palin
by Hari Subramanyam October 14, 2008
John McCain's pick for Vice President in the 2008 Presidential Election. Palin was elected Governor of Alaska in 2006. She has a retarded baby and supported building a $330 Million bridge to a sparesly populated Gravina Island with a population of 50 people. It is many peoples opinion that Palin is a VPILF, however, her teenage daughter is much hotter.

Most consider her a "heartbeat" away from being the next President of the United States, being that her running mate, John McCain, is 72, and looks and smells like a catcher's mitt.
I want to bang Sarah Palin's daughter
by NigJuice September 09, 2008
A mentally ill "politician" who doesn't understand why we've been in Korea for the last 50 years. Someone who FOX News hired as a political commentator that cant comment on politics unless it involves abortion, gay marriage, stem cells, terrorists or other dumb shit that gets the religious nuts all riled up. If her and McCain had won she would be a heartbeat away from being the leader of the free world because everyone knows McCains' old ass is about to keel over any minute. She does have one thing going for her though. Even though she's forty-something and has shit out four or five kids, she still looks really sexy.
Guy #1: Sarah Palin is useless.
Guy #2: No she's good for one thing. You can stick your penis in her mouth and shut her up. Teach her a lesson
by fuck ferrets March 31, 2010
A woman who ran for Vice President under Republican fossil John McCain in 2008, and failed miserably. Many expect her to run for President in 2012. However recently she quit halfway through her term as governor of Alaska.

This likely means she doesn't stand a chance in any future elections. (unless she sucks and fucks her way up the political latter like in 2008's election.) and will end up either working for Fox News to support her right-wing claims, (See: Mike Huckabee )

Also see:
I saw Sarah Palin on TV the other day and popped a boner. However I didn't listen to the warnings that listening to her may cause dizziness.
by mj_kingofpop July 27, 2009
Sarah Palin is a creature formed by several generations of inbreeding. The inbreeding took a toll on its mind, making it unable to understand basic political and geographic concepts that George Bush or a 5 year old would undertstand. After a life of quiet government positions(including mayor of Town Smaller Than Your Finger aka Wasilla, Meh... aka Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Chairperson and Governor of PalinLand aka Alaska, it was thrust into the big leagues as Die Already!!! (aka John McCain) chose it as his VP pick to breathe life in his long dead presidential campaign. The Sean Hannity Butt Kissers (aka Republicans), trying to cling onto their quest for economic and peace destruction, responded very well to it, while the Democrats pointed out the obvious: it was not ready. After making idiotic and/or ignorant comments (such as mentioning the terrorist activities William Ayers partook in that Barack Obama HAD to have been involved in, at age 8, or its magical skills as a hockey mom), the majority of the public made a mockery out of it. Shows such as Saturday Night Live had very hilarious, but very true imitations of it. Eventually, she incinerated the dead body of Die Already!!!'s campaign, and he lost.

After it all, it continued to get pregnant from various members of its family and its dog and proceded to make a mockery of her "could've been normal" children.
"Sarah palin is such an idiot!"
by Interrobang2rd February 23, 2009
The 2008 Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee. In her home state of Alaska, she enjoys shooting wolves and moose from helicopters and attends church congregations that support "pray away the gay". This supposed reformer who "fought corruption" has been found guilty under ethics codes and abuse of power while in a political office. She is pro-life to the point that rape and incest are irrelevant and believes that polar bears should be taken off the endangered species list so that drilling can take place in ANWR. In an interview or debate, she utterly fails to answer questions and admits to it, while what she does have to say is well-scripted, lacking substance, and part of an obvious neo-conservative agenda that she is a pawn in. Her "folksy appeal" is one thing that landed us in trouble with Bush. Do you really want someone in public office whom you can sit down and have a beer (or shoot things) with? Or would you rather it be someone with whom you can hold an informative and intelligent conversation with? Presidents (and Vice-Presidents) are NOT meant to be merely anyone, or your average "Joe Sixpack". We carefully select Presidents because they should be unique, intelligent, knowledgeable, and have the capacity to think through our problems. Sarah Palin represents none of these. She is a political ploy.
Sarah Palin? See pawn or immoral.
by ObamaGirl#Infinite October 22, 2008