The biggest mistake John McCaine could have ever made. An animal killer, non-supporter of women's rights, and unstable "maverick", Sarah Palin is out to destroy the world.
Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house!
by greenhippie October 16, 2008
A bitch with very nice legs.

Sarah Palin might not have much foreign-policy experience, but she definitely has some cock-in-her-mouth experience.

Sarah Palin is a VPILF.
by metallkidd93 September 04, 2008
Backwards republican who's against not only gay marriage but also monetary rights to gay couples. But she's for cruelty to animals to the extent where she supports the practice of hunting Wolves by air. How sporting!
"ugh dude who should I vote for? I hate other countries, animals, a progressive economy and equal rights."

"Then vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin!"
by smurfsdabomb August 30, 2008
Irrefutable proof that Republicans DO in fact support affirmative action...but typical of Republicans, they only support it when it serves the interest of old white men.
Person 1: The Republican Party has consistently opposed affirmative action.
Person 2: Well, what about Sarah Palin?
Person 1: Sarah who??
by Obama2008 September 02, 2008
The 2008 Republican Vice Presidential Nominee. No one actually knows what she has ever done, besides being born a woman. Apparently she has been governor of Alaska for almost two years, and before that two term member of the Wasilla Town Council, which makes her totally ready to be leader of the free world in the somewhat likely event McCain were to kick the bucket during his administration.
Person 1: So, I guess McCain picked this Sarah Palin person.
Person 2: Who?

Still Angry Former Hillary Voter: I'm voting for McCain. He wants to continue the war, be old, throw temper tamtrums, has no clue how the economy works, panders to the furthest right wing of his party, and disagrees with me in every way, shape, and form. But he did pick a woman, so of course anatomical similarities matter way more than anything else.
by TwokewlT August 30, 2008
Nicknamed "The Pittbull With Lipstick", the trooper-scandal-ear-mark-queen-ebay-airplane-lies-ethics-investigated VEEPchoice for the Republican Party 2008.

In a last ditch desperate response to the 80,000 people cheering Obama and his wife at the DNC , the Rovian McCain campaign decided to pull a fast one. They added a 'woman' to their ticket, perhaps hoping to spark some media interest, after noting the boring and sleep enducing effect McCain has on TV watchers.

It was effective. She was on the cover of People magazine immediately.

A creationist, angry, super religious, anti-gay, gun enthusiast and former member of the Alaskan Successionists (who hate America so much they want to actually NOT be American anymore), she gave new energy to the media's otherwise lackluster coverage of the republican convention.

She was a beauty queen, very pretty, and able to make nasty, extreme speeches blasting her oponenent with facts that are not based on reality - all the while wearing a snide smile.

Not surprisingly, neocons, gay haters, rednecks and religious wingnuts rally around her like flies on a pudding pop.
Q: What's the difference between Bush and Sarah Palin?
A: Lipstick

David Letterman thinks Sarah Palin is a Lenscrafters model.
by monkiki September 08, 2008
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