Sarah Palin, what a great choice for a VP!

Her 17-year-old unmarried daughter, Bristol, is pregnant and will keep the baby and marry the father.

Gov. Palin who is staunchly anti-abortion, gave birth in April to Trig Palin, her fifth child, a son born with Down syndrome

Sarah Palin does not support womens issues, Sarah palin does not support equal pay for equal work.

Sarah Palin says, "Even if my own daughter was raped i would not even consider abortion as an option."

A anti-abortion, reformist CuNT

Sarah Palin is a straight up cunt.
by Real Talkkk September 02, 2008
is a cunt.
"Hey, you know... Sarah Palin is a cunt."

"Hey, you know... grass is green"
by PhillyHxC1104 October 15, 2008
female alaska governer being used by mccain's campaign in order to sway women voters to vote for him in 2008 presidential election.

currently under investigation for corruption for using her power for personal reasons.
has a teen daughter who is pregnant.
currently being focused on her affair she had with her husband's bussiness partner.

ignorant power hungry lady.
who is sarah palin?

someone who thinks hillary voters are supid enough to vote for her just because of her gender.
by @__@ September 07, 2008
A totalitarian, homophobic, white trash, delusional, anti-science, wench who believes being within viewing distance of Russia qualifies the bitch to be the big cheese of America.
Sarah Palin is a cunt.
by BYAR!!! November 03, 2008
The death of America.
Person A: If John McCain becomes president and dies, our only hope is Sarah Palin as vice president.
Person B: Shit, dude. America is fucked.
by livelovelie September 06, 2008
A pathetically inexperienced Vice Presidential candidate for the Republican ticket. She would not have been picked had she been a male
McCain is insulting womens' intelligence thinking he can win over votes with someone like Sarah Palin
by BassClefAlbert September 01, 2008
The first Grandma wanna-be ever to be nominated to a VP position. Believes creationism should be taught in schools. Foreign Policy Experience: Believes Russia is a New York term for telling your sister to hurry up.
Hobbies: Cougar
General: Voice similar to a yack getting fucked on top of an elephant turd
Woe!! Check out Sarah Palin! Now that's a Grandma I'd Like to Fuck!
by mattm4454 September 03, 2008

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