Governor of state of Alaska. Triggers inane and childish entries into Urban Dictionary by jejune contributors
There are 50 states. They all have governors elected by popular vote. Sarah Palin was the governor of Alaska. It's a state.
by creed5555 November 16, 2009
The act of snorting cocaine off of the back of a public toilet and then preceding to fuck a middle-aged woman.
My girlfriend's mom is a MILF so I Sarah Palined that hoe.
by The Master Jake October 06, 2008
1. The SEXIEST polictian ever.

2. The reason I became a Republican.
1. Sarah Palin is HOT, I want to bone her hard.

2. I became a republican cause I want to be in the same party as Sarah Palin.
by Mr. Zimpy December 30, 2009
Sarah Palin is a Republican Politician, and the current Governor of Alaska. She was the running mate for GOP presidential candiate John McCain during the 2008 election cycle. Also, she is apparently an incarnation of Lucifer himself, judging from all the other though provoking entries here.
Sarah Palin does not agree with my enlightened, intellectual liberal principles. Therefore, she is a horrible horrible person. Also, I'm pretty sure she's Satan in disguise.
by Bearded One June 25, 2009
John McCain's running mate for the 2008 US presidential election. She is also a far right republican against abortion and makes up for what John lacks.

Though she looks like a soccer mom with power she is a wilderness woman who lives in the little talked about state of Alaska where she was once mayor in her community and now governor.

She has the usual political family with a husband and kids. One kid going to Iraq, another pregnant and another with down syndrome.

She was mainly brought on for the women's vote since Hillary isn't part of the Democratic ballet. Also, she was brought in since McCain isn't conservative enough for some republicans and also in case he dies there will be a woman in the white house not doing a Monica Lewinsky but getting a Monica Lewinsky.
Sarah Palin is the Republican's VP choice and first women ever to be on a presidential ticket.

Its women vs. Race all over again...
by Phantom Writer September 01, 2008
The person the media chose to hate on in order to distract the liberals from the fact that Obama was a totally unqualified candidate whose idea of "change and hope" is running our country full speed towards bankruptcy, and finishing the job of destroying our country that Bush had originally started during his second term in office.
I wish people wouldn't listen to the media so much, and would maybe just give Sarah Palin a chance like the rest of us did for Obama. This is no longer about parties - both parties are not to be trusted. The government itself should never be trusted. Period.
by Amica Cormick February 04, 2010
Quite Positively the MILF of the century.
Could be a GILF soon, apparently her daughter's pregnant.
Also John McCain's failed vice presidential candidate.
You seen Sarah Palin? What a MILF!
by Dr. Gee November 05, 2008

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