Complete opposite understanding of intended information.
Worse... I just did a Sarah Palin... I looked at the facts, assessed the situation, and arrived at the most furthest, most completely unrelated, and obviously wrong conclusion possible...
by TheSpyofCharles February 09, 2011
A situation that cannot be improved, despite hopes to the contrary.
This economy is headed into the dumps; it's really a Sarah Palin.
by Raymound Roussel October 09, 2008
1. A demonstrative bitch.
2. Dick Cheney after a sex change.
"You're such a Sarah Palin this time of the month." says Frank.

"Oh no you didn't!" responds Jackie.
by John McCain 08 October 03, 2008
A desperate houeswife trying to be intelligent and powerful.
Person 1: Why is she running for Class President?

She can't even string a sentence together.

Person 2: I know! She's such a Sarah Palin.
by Mussokn March 27, 2011
a thumbs-up gesture to signal gratuitous sarcasm
After he made an outlandishly false statement, I signaled my sarcastic approval with a sarah palin.
by mojoholio November 20, 2010
the only half-way interesting thing about john mccain's whole campaign.
No one cares about mccain, just sarah palin.
by dirtbikechick October 03, 2008
A famous porn queen. Known to have the largest nipple size out of all of 80's pornstars.
Guy 1: "Hey, my girl has two-foot long nipples. Beat that!"
Guy 2: "That's nothing! Sarah Palin has a six inch titty!"
by McCain's penis April 19, 2011

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