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v. To Sarah Palin: The act of upgrading one's life (clothing, house, car) either by others' means (preferable) or your own.
Since I got this new job, I have to Sarah Palin my wardrobe. Too bad my company won't pay for it.
by Kristi Conner October 25, 2008
19 17
The surprisingly attractive and fairly successful female governor of Alaska. She belongs to the Republican party. Unlike the party of all these "tolerant" liberals who are demonizing her on this website for being Christian and considering fiscal responsibility, and energy independence a priority.
Liberal 1: I belong to the party of acceptance that respects all people for who they are and what they believe. But Sarah Palin is a stupid cunt of a whore who has the mind of a Neanderthal because she embraces Christian values and enjoys the outdoors and hunting.

Liberal 2: Yeah, tell me about it. Those Republicans are nothing but evil, rich, white Nazi bastards who just want to murder gays and starve our children. I'm so thankful that I belong to the Party of Tolerance that never participates in prejudice or bigotry.
by captmurk December 03, 2013
6 5
The governor of Alaska. A.K.A The girl Eminem wants to nail.
And I'll invite Sarah Palin out to dinner then
Nail her, baby: "say hello to my little friend". - We Made You
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Complete opposite understanding of intended information.
Worse... I just did a Sarah Palin... I looked at the facts, assessed the situation, and arrived at the most furthest, most completely unrelated, and obviously wrong conclusion possible...
by TheSpyofCharles February 09, 2011
5 5
A situation that cannot be improved, despite hopes to the contrary.
This economy is headed into the dumps; it's really a Sarah Palin.
by Raymound Roussel October 09, 2008
25 25
1. A demonstrative bitch.
2. Dick Cheney after a sex change.
"You're such a Sarah Palin this time of the month." says Frank.

"Oh no you didn't!" responds Jackie.
by John McCain 08 October 03, 2008
25 25
The governor of Alaska who is stupid because... um... because she said... um...
Stupid person: Sarah Palin is such a stupid woman
Me: Really? How so?
Stupid person: Because she... um... and then she was all like this... and... um...
by Shnoogle June 20, 2014
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