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A vacuous neocon blowup doll. Intellectually unqualified to be an elementary school teacher.
Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country.
by dickhole90 March 14, 2010
A beautiful woman who somehow causes me to lose my erection. An utterly confusing mixture of raw sexuality, Christian fundamentalism, and skilled marksmanship.
Sarah Palin, looking stunning in her bikini, tracked down a baby moose in a helicopter and delivered a deadly shot to the moose's head, leaving male onlookers unsure as to how their penises were supposed to respond.
by Expat227 December 31, 2008
The governor of Alaska who is stupid because... um... because she said... um...
Stupid person: Sarah Palin is such a stupid woman
Me: Really? How so?
Stupid person: Because she... um... and then she was all like this... and... um...
by Shnoogle June 20, 2014
The governor of Alaska. A.K.A The girl Eminem wants to nail.
And I'll invite Sarah Palin out to dinner then
Nail her, baby: "say hello to my little friend". - We Made You
The Whore of Babble On
Every time the Whore of Babble On opens her mouth, Jesus kills TEN kittens.

I propose a new drinking game. Every time Sarah Palin says something stupid, we all take a drink!
by Animal63 December 17, 2013
1)A dumb down version of Ann Coulter for the uneducated blue blooded american whom conservatives think is intelligent simply because she can speak of unoriginal conservative priniciples without using big words to confuse her dumb audience.

2) The cross between intolerance and stupidy

3) A woman who could be sexy if she'd shut her mouth
"I can see Russia from my backyard," Sarah Palin explaining her experience with foreign policy
by jersey insider June 09, 2011
A logical fallacy similar to that of the red herring in which a person or thing is used to spur controversial and inflammatory rhetoric among two already polarized and dysfunctional political parties. An object that deters from pertinent facts with regard to a democracy, and creates it’s own sub-topic the likes of which is a mute point to the individuals that hold that democracy hostage through mindless entertainment media, egotistical extremists, and the manipulation of individuals too dumb to debated political matters of any pertinent complexity. A joke at the expense of everyone who thinks the joke is funny, and a victory for matters that never deserved our attention in the first place.
The Whig Party passed the controversial Kill The Poor bill today after implementing a brilliant Sarah Palin by debating the ethical merits handjobs.
by B Michelle Esterwood May 26, 2011