1. An insane lying venomous puppet on the McCain ticket.

2. A far right cocksucking hypocrite, spewing moral value bullshit, all while her cumbucket daughter was serving up pube pie.

3. A dumb bitch who can't answer a straight question such as "Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?" (didn't know what that was) "What are your thoughts on the bail out package?" (went on with incoherent brainless babble that was totally erroneous to the question) "What magazines or publications do you read that form your views?" (couldn't name a single publication, not even just make one up, and took her 4 days to finally surface with a lame ass excuse obviously concocted by McCain campaign puppeteers)

4. Former mayor of the meth capitol of Alaska, which she left millions of dollars in depth, and a wolf wacking, moose mangling, loony gun nut.

Dude! This is like your 5th third rate community college already! Finish one for crying out loud!

Ok, ok, maybe this one will "Sarah Palin" me through.
by CindeeCain October 08, 2008
One of the stupidest fucktards in the human race. She thinks she can see Russia from her backyard, thinks the United States and North Korea are allies, thinks she's clever for making up stupid words like refudiate, thinks she can spend $50,000 of tax money however she wants just because she was mayor, and is hysterically amused by watching TV with the volume off. She wants the United States to go to war with Russia. She doesn't believe in global warming, supports offshore oil drilling, and thinks it's okay to force her own personal beliefs on homosexuals. She shoots innocent animals with a machine gun from helicopters and planes for the sake of sadistic fun. She's the reason John McCain stood no chance in the 2008 elections. If the voting machines are rigged again (like they were for George Bush) to get her into office in 2012, she'll be assassinated within a day.
'I watched with the volume all the way down. I thought it was hilarious. I thought she was spot on. ... It was hilarious. Again, didn't hear a word she said, but the visual, spot on.' -Sarah Palin

'But obviously, we've got to stand with our North Korean allies.' -Sarah Palin

'Perhaps so.' -Sarah Palin, after being asked if the United States should go to war with Russia

'STFU you stupid dumbfuck. Everyone hates you.' -Some random person


The day after the 2012 presidential inauguration:

'Hey, did you hear that Sarah Palin got assassinated?' -Bob

'Yeah, she had it coming, too. Good riddance.' -John
by ~SV~ February 17, 2011
The governor of Alaska. A.K.A The girl Eminem wants to nail.
And I'll invite Sarah Palin out to dinner then
Nail her, baby: "say hello to my little friend". - We Made You
The Whore of Babble On
Every time the Whore of Babble On opens her mouth, Jesus kills TEN kittens.

I propose a new drinking game. Every time Sarah Palin says something stupid, we all take a drink!
by Animal63 December 17, 2013
The surprisingly attractive and fairly successful female governor of Alaska. She belongs to the Republican party. Unlike the party of all these "tolerant" liberals who are demonizing her on this website for being Christian and considering fiscal responsibility, and energy independence a priority.
Liberal 1: I belong to the party of acceptance that respects all people for who they are and what they believe. But Sarah Palin is a stupid cunt of a whore who has the mind of a Neanderthal because she embraces Christian values and enjoys the outdoors and hunting.

Liberal 2: Yeah, tell me about it. Those Republicans are nothing but evil, rich, white Nazi bastards who just want to murder gays and starve our children. I'm so thankful that I belong to the Party of Tolerance that never participates in prejudice or bigotry.
by captmurk December 03, 2013
1)A dumb down version of Ann Coulter for the uneducated blue blooded american whom conservatives think is intelligent simply because she can speak of unoriginal conservative priniciples without using big words to confuse her dumb audience.

2) The cross between intolerance and stupidy

3) A woman who could be sexy if she'd shut her mouth
"I can see Russia from my backyard," Sarah Palin explaining her experience with foreign policy
by jersey insider June 09, 2011
A logical fallacy similar to that of the red herring in which a person or thing is used to spur controversial and inflammatory rhetoric among two already polarized and dysfunctional political parties. An object that deters from pertinent facts with regard to a democracy, and creates it’s own sub-topic the likes of which is a mute point to the individuals that hold that democracy hostage through mindless entertainment media, egotistical extremists, and the manipulation of individuals too dumb to debated political matters of any pertinent complexity. A joke at the expense of everyone who thinks the joke is funny, and a victory for matters that never deserved our attention in the first place.
The Whig Party passed the controversial Kill The Poor bill today after implementing a brilliant Sarah Palin by debating the ethical merits handjobs.
by B Michelle Esterwood May 26, 2011

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