dimwit who thinks her alaskan oil will solve the world's problems. she typically thinks she can get out of any situation by acting like a cutesy 6 year old girl whose cheeks you might want to pinch if she actually was cute. unfortunately, it is important that she appeals to the people, because if mccain is to get elected, palin will have to step up when he dies, the old fart.
person 1: sarah palin is awesome!

person 2: well, you know what they say, you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig...
by politics can kiss my ass October 08, 2008
A common white trash just like Britney Spears or the Cake Fart Girl (Lisa Wogen), who use a body part other than their brains to become a me-me sensation. Just like the other three, won't miss any opportunity to embarrass themselves for a pinch of publicity. The only difference is that Lady Gaga actually got talent.
Sarah Palin and the Cake Fart Girl are talented trailer trash with lots of buzz and hype but no brains.
by Undostresmariah December 19, 2010
1. An insane lying venomous puppet on the McCain ticket.

2. A far right cocksucking hypocrite, spewing moral value bullshit, all while her cumbucket daughter was serving up pube pie.

3. A dumb bitch who can't answer a straight question such as "Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?" (didn't know what that was) "What are your thoughts on the bail out package?" (went on with incoherent brainless babble that was totally erroneous to the question) "What magazines or publications do you read that form your views?" (couldn't name a single publication, not even just make one up, and took her 4 days to finally surface with a lame ass excuse obviously concocted by McCain campaign puppeteers)

4. Former mayor of the meth capitol of Alaska, which she left millions of dollars in depth, and a wolf wacking, moose mangling, loony gun nut.

Dude! This is like your 5th third rate community college already! Finish one for crying out loud!

Ok, ok, maybe this one will "Sarah Palin" me through.
by bigtexansfan October 08, 2008
Probably the only politician who eats babies.
Eat your vegetables, or the Sarah Palin will get you!
by Czar King Rex July 08, 2015
Living proof that the republican party's going straight to hell. Also know as "the idiot who saw Russia from Alaska", John Mcain's running mate/booty call, and "the butt of all jokes about american politics".
"Hey, is that woman Sarah Palin?"
"I don't know... ask her if you can see Alaska from here."
by SuperChick March 29, 2015
a.k.a. Go the fuck away.
person 1: Sarah Palin? oh that annoying bitch who doesn't know what a mother fucking vice president does?!?
person 2: yea, that one
person1: i wish she would just go the fuck away
by Emme2323 January 19, 2011
1. To be so ridiculously stupid people move of of the state for the sole purpose of escaping your evil politically-confused grasp.

2. To throw rocks across the Bering Straight in an attempt to slay the communist Russians.
Sarah Palin is the ultimate stereotype... A trigger happy shit-for-brains republican
by Who Cares? Its Russia. September 24, 2010
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