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Very cool, chill, crazy when she drinks, usually blonde. Likes boys and girls.
Boy#1: whoa that sarah beach chick got drunk last night and went nuts!
Boy#2: ya i know we did it in the bushes!
Girl#1: ya we did it too!
Boy#1: whoa thats one crazy chick
by Newbster April 16, 2009
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gets around, does many weird things like screaming seagulls, etc.

1. skank that goes to the bank
2. whore that goes to the store
3. slut that goes to the hut
Boy 1: whoa look at that chick over there
Boy 2: oh my god, thats sarah beach
Boy 3: ew heard that shes a skank that goes to the bank!
Boy 1: Daaaang
by nuuuuuub April 28, 2009
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