A language arts teacher who is also a assassin. Not only is she an assassin but she also sees Madonna as her idol.
Student one: you see that teacher over there? Her name is Sarah.
Student two: yeah, Why?
Student one: she's an assassin you better not be disrespectful I heard that she stores the dead bodies in her closet.
by Dr. VansHorizon June 21, 2012
the most sluttiest slut you could ever meet. she's with every guy your friends with and sleeps with all your friends. have fun keeping her as a friend.. she's lesbian too.. She has aids/herpes/HIV..or any STD's
* Guy1:Hey do you know Sarah?

Guy2:i fucked her

Guy1:me too guess what?


Guy1:she gave me aids...now you have them too
by person45012 May 04, 2013
sarahs are loving caring and tend to have many friends. Sarahs love guys with long hair, usually names justin bieber. Sarahs crush on scotts and make a perfect girl friend. Sarahs are know for there sexual drive;) Sarahs like animals, hanging out with friends, CANADA, justins, and sex.
sarah a.m
by kkeenneeddyy February 20, 2012
Sarah is the name of a girl who has a vagina the size of a small country. She enjoys begging it off thousands upon millions of people/goats and has an amazing rock voice. She also enjoys gardening and sniffing old mens pants.
Simon: 'Yo, that girl has just got off with ten different lads then said how much she likes Indie bands!'

Charlotte: 'Yeah that's Sarah for you'
by Frankzzz123 February 08, 2012
Mad as fuck loony toon especially when teamed with Rachel or ashleigh! Normally found dancing on tables at posh doos
'get off that table!'. 'no way i'm doing a Sarah.!'
by tubes3000yfc January 20, 2012
lives in large colonies of about 30, this short ass midget who has a tendency to bite other ankles relies on the attention of others to thrive. must be fed pink sausage wallets once a week otherwise they will shrivel from the penis outwards.
"did you see that sarah? i hear that all their penises are starting to shrink due to their lack of use over the years"
by Sarah Breeder December 09, 2011
Reminds me of a goody-goody little girl. I hate the name Sarah. Worst name ever.
by NeverSayNever July 26, 2012

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