Smells like fish.
Husband: Darling is it that time of the month?

Wife: Im afraid so, I smell like Sarah.
#fish #period #pad #smell #butt
by LoveAngel September 20, 2014
A girl who loves her redtube. She just gets off on watching it in a bid to procrastinate. Our little princess is a babe and a cheerleader. Someone who has a ghetto and is the hottest girl in school. She is mighty sexy. All the guys want her and all the girls want to be like her. She is no stranger to lesbian activity and almost definitely has a homance with her bestfriend.
Is that Sarah watching porn?!
yeah, she's got an english speech due tomorrow...
#homance #redtube #babe #cheerleader #ghetto
by hotbabexoxo June 05, 2013
She is an ugly girl. Who none likes, she also has no friends. She is a psychopath who obsesses over her last boyfriend or friend. She hates people talking to her boyfriend. She normaly is short and white.
Did you see that!!
Ya i think it was a Sarah.
Ahhh Burn my eyes!!!
#sarah #sara #ugly #mean #psychotic #gross #bloned
by the black cat August 30, 2014
A girl who from Monday to Friday is engrossed in political affairs, mathematical conundrums and getting into internationally renowned universities. But as soon as the clock strikes 3:15pm every Friday, it is clear to everyone that this girl intends to party hard. She lets her hair down and spends her weekend engaging in excessive drinking, hard drugs, smoking and orgies. She likes to prey on exotic fellow intellectuals, often with equally exotic names. (*cough* Pierre *cough*). This near-schizophrenic quality has led her to be deemed either Weekday or Weekend Sarah, dependent on time of week. However in rare cases Weekend and Weekday Sarah can merge to create a super-being. For example "I think I have a cumulative hangover". A clear example of both Weekday and Weekend terms co-operating. In spite of her antics she is a massive academic success and loyal to her fellow hard-done-by A Level students and friends who can often be overheard in the fishbowl muttering the words 'if only her Cambridge-educated parents knew'. Her attitude to life is entirely based upon the popular saying 'work hard, play hard'
Wow that girl does long division just as well as she smokes that spliff. What a total Sarah
#sarah #pierre #weekend #weekday #party #drinking #drugs #smoking #orgies #oxford
by mcgonagall's secret lovechild January 12, 2012
That bitch that kills your vibe.
Guy 1: Hey, what's wrong with you?
Guy 2: You see Sarah over there?
Guy1: Yeah.
Guy 2: She just killed my vibe.
#sarah #bitch #killed #my #vibe
by Kanray June 26, 2013
Sarah is the definition of turban, an item of clothing (usually a long towel) that is wrapped around ones head, commonly see in the middle east
The young israli man wore the sarah on his head
#sarah #head #turban #clothing #item
by izzy5971 July 01, 2012
A language arts teacher who is also a assassin. Not only is she an assassin but she also sees Madonna as her idol.
Student one: you see that teacher over there? Her name is Sarah.
Student two: yeah, Why?
Student one: she's an assassin you better not be disrespectful I heard that she stores the dead bodies in her closet.
#sarah #scearcy #madonna #asssassin #death #closet
by Dr. VansHorizon June 21, 2012
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