lives in large colonies of about 30, this short ass midget who has a tendency to bite other ankles relies on the attention of others to thrive. must be fed pink sausage wallets once a week otherwise they will shrivel from the penis outwards.
"did you see that sarah? i hear that all their penises are starting to shrink due to their lack of use over the years"
by Sarah Breeder December 09, 2011
Mad as fuck loony toon especially when teamed with Rachel or ashleigh! Normally found dancing on tables at posh doos
'get off that table!'. 'no way i'm doing a Sarah.!'
by tubes3000yfc January 20, 2012
Reminds me of a goody-goody little girl. I hate the name Sarah. Worst name ever.
by NeverSayNever July 26, 2012
a really senitive person who enjoys making people mad and annoying the crap out of others
wow that girl riley is such a sarah
by 1unicornz June 08, 2011
The only type of ginger with a soul. Super sexy ginger, who is so sassy. This type of female enjoys long walks on mars and tends to drink large amounts of vodka. A true pothead at heart this girl will rock your world and you will never date a non-ginger again! she knows how to shred it up on the slopes of 802 on her snowboard! Although this is the best ginger around when she dies....she'll go to hell to meet her true father.... SATAN! In addition, she enjoys to booty dance.
"dude you pulled a sarah back there on the slopes!"
by sexyman1234565789 June 27, 2011
A name of a girl who doesnt understand that the x is superior in x's and o's. she doesnt believe that phil or fishy loves her more.
did you hear about that girl whos at odds with that one guy? um yea. i think she pulled a sarah.
by bigmama13 April 25, 2011
tawado3 (Y)
she is not shayfeh 7alha she is a sarah
by ja3bari May 24, 2011

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