A spiteful and nasty character that likes to cause others pain, Sarah also likes to be the center of attention all the time!
Look at me, I am sarah I am amazing and wonderful... worship me!
by Uggybear January 19, 2011
Sarah is the name given to wannabe Princesses who end up as internet prostitutes and are born Shemale.

She is usually Irish, hates America and is apparently a Sonicfag. She lives her life hacking innocent people, drawing Sonic characters naked, fapping to Sonic characters, attempting to kill over the internet, having internet sex with furries and the list goes on, most of it is Sonic Faggotry.

The meaning of the name Sarah is princess, and this is why Sarahs' are such bitches, just like princesses, so if your name is Sarah, consider just being called Sara or getting a complete name change.
Orange Furry Hedgehog: DAT HAWT YO
Orange Furry Hedgehog: HOP OF MAH DICK YO
Normal person: *Joins chatroom* Lol Sonicfags having internet sex!
Sarah: IM GONNA HAX U!11

*2 months later*
Police: Sarah, you fucking whore, you have been arrested for hacking someone's computer, it is criminal and against the law.
by SaviourZealot August 19, 2011
slutty skank who sleeps with her best friend's exes because shes jealous and wants to be you
omg thats the ugliest slut ever...thats sarah

shes so jealous of you! because its sarah

you're exes sloppy seconds because they miss you rather then be with sarah
by the most greatest girl July 17, 2011
mother fucking hoe, sleeps with anyone and brain washes peope with her laser gun thing. SHE IS EVIL AND IS GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!! Needs to wax her eyes brows, UGLY AS FUCK, takes over peoples lifes.VDONT FALL FOR HER TRICKS OR YOU WILL DIE.
slut, whore, monkey, sarah
by yermomdotcommm April 09, 2011
(N.) She is a brat, but if you learn to love her and cuddle her she will forever be loyal to you and cook homeade meals in an apron
I want to marry Sarah, she would make a perfect wife.
by Housewife McGee February 03, 2010
Cougar. Women who preys on young boys
"That 18 year old girl is dating a 15 year old boy" - random girl 1

"Wow, how Sarah F of her." - random girl 2
by funnnyshuff4 November 21, 2010
sarah: a short girl with natrully brown curly hair, recently dyed it orange.
she has an IQ of ZERO dumbest whore you'de ever meet
she is loud and faggy. had a massive obsession with one rapper in particular.

she admire's he dad and thinks of other's befor her self

she calls brown people sultanas.
she is a loud short angry bogan who goes for older guys!
she suck's dick for money thats why her purse is always full.

sarah sound fun
by GFBWBTH August 11, 2011

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