Smells like fish.
Husband: Darling is it that time of the month?

Wife: Im afraid so, I smell like Sarah.
by LoveAngel September 20, 2014
Asian, Korean. Loves to sing and dance. Definately crazy and loud. Short with long, brown and straight hair. Brown eyes and her face gets red easily when embarassed etc. Always smiling but when she doesnt people ask what's wrong. Swears a lot and talks a lot. Wants a boyfriend. LOVES Girls' Generation! Cries a lot in movies!
Geunseok Jang: OMG, that girl is soooo bright and bubbly, she's soo cute and looks fun to hang with!
Hongki Lee: Yeh, she's so amazing! She's such a Sarah! I love Sarahs! Gosh, makes my heart pound with love!
by Nichkun December 04, 2010
A girl who loves her redtube. She just gets off on watching it in a bid to procrastinate. Our little princess is a babe and a cheerleader. Someone who has a ghetto and is the hottest girl in school. She is mighty sexy. All the guys want her and all the girls want to be like her. She is no stranger to lesbian activity and almost definitely has a homance with her bestfriend.
Is that Sarah watching porn?!
yeah, she's got an english speech due tomorrow...
by hotbabexoxo June 05, 2013
awesome!!! loveable ! can sometimes be mistaken for a stephanie
girl: ooh look its stephanie!
sarah: umm actually its sarah but lets be friends!
girl: ok i love ur cornrows
by london rose June 16, 2011
Sarah (pronounced SA-RAH) is a very specific type of woman. She is addicted to working out and buying fruit from the grocery store near to her work. This addiction is so severe that sometimes a Sarah will wake up in the middle of the night and realize she's completed a 60 minute yoga class and eaten a fibrous snack whilst still asleep. Also referred to as "Sarah-Walking"

Thankfully her friends overlook this affliction as she is a kind soul and a wonderful singer.
Sarah's of this like will say things such as "Wait did someone say you said 'I'm getting a coffee'...oh okay. Let me know when someone says yoga"
by ohmygodshoes June 10, 2011
Sarah is a blunt blunt person. She always tells the truth and this leads to ridicule at time. She has one kidney because she was ran over by a milkvan bahahahah it was reversing, how stupid of her.
Example one:
Do you like me?
No, you're shit.
Oi!! Don't go all sarah on me.

Example two:
How on earth did you fall up the down escalators?
I dunno, must be the Sarah in me.
by dotdotdot99999 April 20, 2012
Sarah is a very hot and gorgeous person. she has a very nice ass, curves in all the right place, and a rockin' rack of tits.
Guy 1: dude sarah's so hot
Guy 2: ya, i get a boner everytime i just think of her
Guy 1: i wanna fuck her so hard
by 123123123123/., April 13, 2012

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