A blonde bitch, that will pretend to be your best friend but go behind your back and have sex with your boyfriend!! It spends all day shopping online spending the money it doesn't have because its to lazy to get a job. A sarah is basically as FAKE as they come. So if you see a sarah run in the other direction, and hide your boyfriend!
Girl 1 : Whos that girl flirting with your boyfriend???

Girl 2: Thats a sarah
by THATGIRL January 13, 2014
An overweight hillbilly who complains about every aspect of their life on a daily basis. This individual typically indulges in late night beef sandwiches, enjoys drinking hennessy, and passes their time by playing words with friends and stopping by fast food establishments for a quick eat.
Bro 1: Hey bro, come check out what I did in the toilet!

Bro 2: Good lord! What is that? It looks like a small animal, bro.

Bro 1: Nah bro, I'm gonna call that thing a Sarah.
by Ronman12345 November 12, 2013
The most beautiful girl in the world. A sex goddess. She is always happy and lights up the universe with her smile. She is super ticklish but HATES it when you scare her. She loves smoothies, running, and four-leaf clovers, and also loves watching her boyfriend struggle to her house on his bicycle. But he says yes because, well, who wouldn't--he's dating the sweetest girl on the planet.
Hey have you met that Sarah girl?
Yeah, she's a dime.
Yep. I totally wish I was that Eliah kid.
by LuckiestGuyEvah July 28, 2013
Smells like fish.
Husband: Darling is it that time of the month?

Wife: Im afraid so, I smell like Sarah.
by LoveAngel September 20, 2014
She is an ugly girl. Who none likes, she also has no friends. She is a psychopath who obsesses over her last boyfriend or friend. She hates people talking to her boyfriend. She normaly is short and white.
Did you see that!!
Ya i think it was a Sarah.
Ahhh Burn my eyes!!!
by the black cat August 30, 2014
Asian, Korean. Loves to sing and dance. Definately crazy and loud. Short with long, brown and straight hair. Brown eyes and her face gets red easily when embarassed etc. Always smiling but when she doesnt people ask what's wrong. Swears a lot and talks a lot. Wants a boyfriend. LOVES Girls' Generation! Cries a lot in movies!
Geunseok Jang: OMG, that girl is soooo bright and bubbly, she's soo cute and looks fun to hang with!
Hongki Lee: Yeh, she's so amazing! She's such a Sarah! I love Sarahs! Gosh, makes my heart pound with love!
by Nichkun December 04, 2010
A girl who loves her redtube. She just gets off on watching it in a bid to procrastinate. Our little princess is a babe and a cheerleader. Someone who has a ghetto and is the hottest girl in school. She is mighty sexy. All the guys want her and all the girls want to be like her. She is no stranger to lesbian activity and almost definitely has a homance with her bestfriend.
Is that Sarah watching porn?!
yeah, she's got an english speech due tomorrow...
by hotbabexoxo June 05, 2013

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