the best person in the world and is a very good friend to everyone. If you don't know Sarah you need to meet her. Very loving caring kind cute and fun all around. Best person on this earth
Hey do you know who that is.
Yeah its Sarah.

She is the best
by boroguy7 March 20, 2016
Sarah is a hot and cute girl and she a great girlfriend she's always right there when you need her, but you get her in bed you can't make her stop, she like a animal that just got out other cage. she got one hell of a ass( you will have so much fun with it). Not many people hate a Sarah if they do its out of pure jealousy. She is quite but once you to know her she won't shut up and will get frisky when ever she feels like it. she's a very sensitive person, so don't mess with her or you will get severely injured. If your guy you should ask her out before anyone does or you just have bad taste in women.
i love Sarah she's so sexy and cute.
OMG will you look at that ass, i can't handle it

i need to have sex with her, i heard she was great in the bed.
by super Sarah 13 February 28, 2016
Sarah is usually one of the most beautiful girls you will meet.
she is so loving and caring for others.
she is a girl that has gone through so much and still manages to have a beautiful smile on her face. she thinks that shes useless at time but by the power of the couple friends she has, she gets to feel so much better about herself.
anyone that hates her is either because of something she did or because they are just completely jealous of her.
she will have many people in her life that will affect it a lot but that eventually just leave her. but there is always more on the way
you will just fall completely in love with her! she is really nice and sensitive.
she can also be a freak when she wants to! she will please your need guy/or girl but mainly girls.(if your a girl and your name is Isabelle ,Rachel,or Lauren you make a great couple) (if you are a guy with the names ; Salvador, Jose, Juan, Micheal, or Luis then you should get with her!)

If you get the chance to be friends with a Sarah then don't take advantage of her she will trust you with a lot and if you loose that trust you will regret it and it will be incredibly hard to get back.
i wish i was like Sarah, said Nicole.

Sarah is just so perfect

Is that Lauren and Sarah over there?? they are so cute.

Luis and Sarah are just so cute together!!

shes disgusting! there's too much beauty in her ;(
#perfect #beautiful #hot #sexy #charming #amazing
by I.O.Y.K October 20, 2013
Most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Always nice and sweet and willing to lend a hand. Gets practically every single guy without even trying. They just see her and fall for her instantly. Such a genius at everything she does. Shes a very quirky character but that's why everyone loves her so much.
Oh look there's a Sarah.
#beautiful #gorgeous #perfect #amazing #loving
by sarah5eva October 01, 2013
A short hot, Beautiful sexy girl with a body to kill. Boobs that are out of this world and a personality to die for. She is envied by a lot of people because she is popular with all the guys.
Oh hot damn, whose that?
Sarah she's amazing
#body #hot #sarah #best #gorgeous
by Green eggs and ham! September 10, 2013
Sarah, is a very sexual, seductive, woman. That wild look in her eye, with a hint of crazy, can set your night on an adventure with a sarah in your bed. Most sarahs are very beautiful and outgoing, and willing to get seductive anywhere, anytime. Sarah's are know as sex toy kittens. Once you meet a sarah, they're hard to forget about. Don't ever make the mistake of pissing them off. The beautiful colors in their eyes turn you into golden dildos.
Sarahs are the most beautiful, amazing girl in the world, make sure to feed them every hour. Sarahs tend to get hungry easily. After you buy her a drink, make sure to get her into your bed.
Billy; Damn, that girl sucked my dick on time.
John: She gave me a hand job.
Brandon: That's sarah. She gave me a blowjob one time!
#sexy #beautiful #sarah #sex kittens #golden dildos
by marshmellowkittens November 25, 2012
Sarah is a kind, smart and funny girl. She loves horses and country music, Sarah is usually a shy, confusing and insecure girl with a awesome personality. You will never meet another girl so perfect and so modest.
Sarah is so confusing, she won't talk to me at school, but she always texts me.
#confusing #shy #modest #awesome #horses #funny #smart
by DeadlyForest May 27, 2015
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