A short hot, Beautiful sexy girl with a body to kill. Boobs that are out of this world and a personality to die for. She is envied by a lot of people because she is popular with all the guys.
Oh hot damn, whose that?
Sarah she's amazing
by Green eggs and ham! September 10, 2013
Sarah can act like many different people. She makes an incredible best friend to your face but she secretly gossips about you behind your back. She is funny and witty but can also be bitchy, mean and spiteful. Sarah's can be judged harshly or unfairly because people are jealous of her. They usually have the perfect body and are one the hottest girls you know although they'll never admit they know it. Guys want her and girls long to be her. Sarah's go through some hard times in life but who they become because of it decides wht kind of person they are.
Sarah- oh my gosh. Did you see what she's wearing!? Lol it's hideous! Don't tell but I secretly HATE her!

Girl 1- Ikr she's like soo un-cool! Why do you put up with her?
Sarah- hmm I guess it's the charity in me! I mean if I don't hang out with her, who will?

*girl 2 approaches*
Girl 2- hey guys!

Sarah-oh hey BFF! We were like just talking about you! We love that outfit, where'd you get it?
by Dancer101 April 08, 2013
A girl who be climbing in yo window and snatchin yo people up
Friend: Don't forget to lock your windows up

Me: Why?

Friend: Because Sarah is in town
by Suckkker March 15, 2013
Sarah, is a very sexual, seductive, woman. That wild look in her eye, with a hint of crazy, can set your night on an adventure with a sarah in your bed. Most sarahs are very beautiful and outgoing, and willing to get seductive anywhere, anytime. Sarah's are know as sex toy kittens. Once you meet a sarah, they're hard to forget about. Don't ever make the mistake of pissing them off. The beautiful colors in their eyes turn you into golden dildos.
Sarahs are the most beautiful, amazing girl in the world, make sure to feed them every hour. Sarahs tend to get hungry easily. After you buy her a drink, make sure to get her into your bed.
Billy; Damn, that girl sucked my dick on time.
John: She gave me a hand job.
Brandon: That's sarah. She gave me a blowjob one time!
by marshmellowkittens November 25, 2012
Sarah is a girl living the hard knock life. She loves her cinnabon. She is constantly fangirling and loves Ed Sheeran. She will always be more fab than you.
"I'm fab and you're not. I'm such a Sarah"
by britt.17 September 28, 2012
beautiful, smart (sometimes), big ass, kinda of ditzy and always in her own world, all the boys are chasing after her but kinda of scared because she can be a real bitch at times, even though she defintally has an attitude to practically everyone, everyone still loves her. you can be having the worst day of your life and it will be better by just looking at her smile.
guy 1: that sarah is such a babe
guy 2: trust me dude, i know
guy 1: hey! back off shes mine
guy 2: not for long...
by teeeam edwardoo!!!!!! November 28, 2011
The most amazing person in the world. Everyone loves her except her bf who loves her the most. Fav word is mofo and is an enjoyable person to b around also she is the hottest nd most sexiest thing alive. Her fav jew is BRUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet, kind, caring, pretty, seductive, and has a great personality.
That girl Sarah likes to say mofo a lot and her bf loves her a lot.
by WHOREY THE STUD June 06, 2011

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