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Sarah is a girl living the hard knock life. She loves her cinnabon. She is constantly fangirling and loves Ed Sheeran. She will always be more fab than you.
"I'm fab and you're not. I'm such a Sarah"
by britt.17 September 28, 2012
The most amazing person in the world. Everyone loves her except her bf who loves her the most. Fav word is mofo and is an enjoyable person to b around also she is the hottest nd most sexiest thing alive. Her fav jew is BRUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet, kind, caring, pretty, seductive, and has a great personality.
That girl Sarah likes to say mofo a lot and her bf loves her a lot.
by WHOREY THE STUD June 06, 2011
The cutest smartest girl in the whole world! She's a bit ditsy at times but that's just her. She generally has a lions mane for hair but when it's tamed she is second to no one in beauty. She makes the best girlfriends and she cares most of all about those lucky enough to be close to her! She is a 9.8/10 who plays gta! She has a smile that brightens everyone's day up, and if you're lucky enough to be near to her then you are the happiest person alive. She is like the wings of an aeroplane, give her a chance and she'll lift you to the skies! A bona fide keeper!
Hey dude when did you last see Sarah?
Oh she was in her room playing gta like a boss!

That Sarah's a keeper!
by The defined15288383 January 03, 2014
Awesome, magnificent, beautiful, intelligent, special, unique, forthright, benevolent, revered, goddess, caring, stupendous, fabulous, gentle, kind, patience, forgiving, understanding, supportive, marvellous, without equal.
Person 1: "How do you know when you think you've met the greatest person in the world?"
Person 2: "Her name was Sarah."
by LordKiarc November 24, 2013
An overweight hillbilly who complains about every aspect of their life on a daily basis. This individual typically indulges in late night beef sandwiches, enjoys drinking hennessy, and passes their time by playing words with friends and stopping by fast food establishments for a quick eat.
Bro 1: Hey bro, come check out what I did in the toilet!

Bro 2: Good lord! What is that? It looks like a small animal, bro.

Bro 1: Nah bro, I'm gonna call that thing a Sarah.
by Ronman12345 November 12, 2013
Sarah is usually one of the most beautiful girls you will meet.
she is so loving and caring for others.
she is a girl that has gone through so much and still manages to have a beautiful smile on her face. she thinks that shes useless at time but by the power of the couple friends she has, she gets to feel so much better about herself.
anyone that hates her is either because of something she did or because they are just completely jealous of her.
she will have many people in her life that will affect it a lot but that eventually just leave her. but there is always more on the way
you will just fall completely in love with her! she is really nice and sensitive.
she can also be a freak when she wants to! she will please your need guy/or girl but mainly girls.(if your a girl and your name is Isabelle ,Rachel,or Lauren you make a great couple) (if you are a guy with the names ; Salvador, Jose, Juan, Micheal, or Luis then you should get with her!)

If you get the chance to be friends with a Sarah then don't take advantage of her she will trust you with a lot and if you loose that trust you will regret it and it will be incredibly hard to get back.
i wish i was like Sarah, said Nicole.

Sarah is just so perfect

Is that Lauren and Sarah over there?? they are so cute.

Luis and Sarah are just so cute together!!

shes disgusting! there's too much beauty in her ;(
by I.O.Y.K October 20, 2013
A "Sarah" is a young hot piece of ass. Commonly found at a bar and willing to have sex on the first night. Usually a ding bat and not someone you take home to meet your mother.
Sarah gave me a blow and go in the parking lot last night.
by Certifiablysarcasmic October 06, 2013