Evil yet sexy this girl is someone you dont want to mess with. She is sassy has great comebacks and insults but once relaxed can also give great compliments. Seems stoned or drunk a lot. Huge flirt with everyone guys and girls both. Do not be swayed by this sirens song she is a minx who will do anything to get her way and she always gets what she wants. Probable descendent of Lucifer himself this girl is pure evil with a heart of ice.
"Damn did you hear what Sarah did today"
"Yah she is one evil girl"
"I know shes such a Sarah"
by sciencebitch January 03, 2014
She usually the prettiest girl in the world.... she has the dimples of an angel... her dimples are dimplicious and cute as fudge
Dimples Sarah
by matty_Enriquez80 December 29, 2013
She walks with a sway in her hips that will leave your jaw hitting the floor. Her hair is as soft as silk, and her smile will make you quiver in nervousness. When you hear her sing, your heart will race with shock and awe. You can't help but stare at her beauty. When she speaks her words are so brilliantly put together, you'd think she'd written it before hand, they fill you with happiness and leave you hoping to hear more. There are no words to explain the beauty of Sarah. She's simply too stunning. She is perfection. You never want to hurt her because she has a passion for life and a future that you want to be apart of. She is the woman I love with a passion and I will never leave her side. I would die for this woman. She is creative, and brilliant, she will rock your world with a glance. She can end a war with one word. She will always be apart of me. She has my soul, and my heart. I will always exist and only for her. When she cries, I feel my heart breaking with each tear that runs down her face, and even though It will never be my fault. I tell her I'm sorry because she needs a friend to help her. There is no one more important than Sarah. She will bring the brightness to your day, and without her, life would not exist.
Stranger - "Dude, She's hot!"
Me - Don't you dare disgrace her with a word like "hot" Sarah is so much more. She is beautiful, she is gorgeous, she is the pure definitions of the word perfect. There is no one like Sarah. She has a fiery personality that will make regret all your worst decisions, yet a gentle compassion that will make you love her more.
by 6' 3" Ginger December 17, 2013
A short hot, Beautiful sexy girl with a body to kill. Boobs that are out of this world and a personality to die for. She is envied by a lot of people because she is popular with all the guys.
Oh hot damn, whose that?
Sarah she's amazing
by Green eggs and ham! September 10, 2013
Sarah can act like many different people. She makes an incredible best friend to your face but she secretly gossips about you behind your back. She is funny and witty but can also be bitchy, mean and spiteful. Sarah's can be judged harshly or unfairly because people are jealous of her. They usually have the perfect body and are one the hottest girls you know although they'll never admit they know it. Guys want her and girls long to be her. Sarah's go through some hard times in life but who they become because of it decides wht kind of person they are.
Sarah- oh my gosh. Did you see what she's wearing!? Lol it's hideous! Don't tell but I secretly HATE her!

Girl 1- Ikr she's like soo un-cool! Why do you put up with her?
Sarah- hmm I guess it's the charity in me! I mean if I don't hang out with her, who will?

*girl 2 approaches*
Girl 2- hey guys!

Sarah-oh hey BFF! We were like just talking about you! We love that outfit, where'd you get it?
by Dancer101 April 08, 2013
A girl who be climbing in yo window and snatchin yo people up
Friend: Don't forget to lock your windows up

Me: Why?

Friend: Because Sarah is in town
by Suckkker March 15, 2013
Sarah, is a very sexual, seductive, woman. That wild look in her eye, with a hint of crazy, can set your night on an adventure with a sarah in your bed. Most sarahs are very beautiful and outgoing, and willing to get seductive anywhere, anytime. Sarah's are know as sex toy kittens. Once you meet a sarah, they're hard to forget about. Don't ever make the mistake of pissing them off. The beautiful colors in their eyes turn you into golden dildos.
Sarahs are the most beautiful, amazing girl in the world, make sure to feed them every hour. Sarahs tend to get hungry easily. After you buy her a drink, make sure to get her into your bed.
Billy; Damn, that girl sucked my dick on time.
John: She gave me a hand job.
Brandon: That's sarah. She gave me a blowjob one time!
by marshmellowkittens November 25, 2012

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