A girl who is amazing and also a mouse. She makes the sound afjaghajgheoghpwg (quietly). She loves turtles and owes me a cookie. Overall, she's perfect.
That girl is such a Sarah.
by who am i ? December 31, 2012
The act of pulling a small child out of a deflating bounce-house
That lady pulled a Sarah a couple days ago!
by HawaiiLuva268 July 17, 2011
Probable descendant of Lucifer himself. This girl is pure evil with a heart of ice.
Sarah is a demon.
by Evil Spawn July 11, 2016
Sarah is the girl you want to be around all the time. She's preppy and loves vineyard vines. She's that kind of girl who has four best friend and about six friends. sometimes she flirts with one guy and sometimes two guys. She's enthusiastic, smart,funny and pretty. Her best friends are smart and laugh at her jokes even though there stupid. she's kind and generous and helps everyone out. Although she gets good grades she does her homework last minute. She's just the girl everyone wants to be around. She's the perfect friend to have.
Wow, your are so nice. your such a Sarah
by Happy halloween October 13, 2014
She is a kind loving person. With radiant blue eyes. Fond of Shane's.
Sometimes shy but she knows how to come out of her shell once she's included and knows what to say without keeping it in her head.

She has sophisticated locks that she would die to cut but wouldn't reduce the charm. She has radiant glowing cheeks.
Sarah is wary of many people and knows what to say to cheer anyone up but sometimes can't do it herself if she feels down and in most cases is afraid to speak out because she doesn't want to feel attention seeking around her.
She always knows what to do even though she may not have gone through the situation and sometimes no one listens but she ends up being correct. Every time.
She likes her old ways, like music etc. she is such a warm hearted and sensitive crazy person. She knows how to dress sexy and attractive without looking like some other that does things for money. She is very humorous and laughs at everything. Cherishes many things but is very doubtful about lots of things she shouldn't be. She's a worrier because she is sensitive and harmless but fears the worst of outcomes. She's a loving person and doesn't like silly boys that play around. She likes real men. She deserves the best. She is a crazy person and keeps the right people around her. She always bonds as though she is one person with her other half. They balance eachother out. Trust is a big things. So when you find a Sarah. You keep her.
Sarah is Beautiful. Sophisticated. Humorous. Animal lover.
by Ladyladyandthetramp August 14, 2014
Name meaning: princes
They are the most nicest and talented people. Easy to become friends with. They can get through any problem thin and thick. They always love to try new thing. Some times they can be the biggest diva you know. Guys are always after her. They always stick close with friends and family. The most beautiful girl to be seen. They will always be there for you no mater Wat happens. They will do Wat ever they put their mind to, even if it is risky. They is so unique, that if she were an animal shed be a lama. But no matter what she dose(or how she dresses) she will always bring you unmistakable style, vision, and enthusiasm. Sometime her way of seeing the world makes it a whole lot easier. And if you know a "Sarah" you ate very lucky
Josh: who is she, shes so beautiful
Samantha: her name is Sarah and its her birthday today
by amazing sex July 23, 2014
Evil yet sexy this girl is someone you dont want to mess with. She is sassy has great comebacks and insults but once relaxed can also give great compliments. Seems stoned or drunk a lot. Huge flirt with everyone guys and girls both. Do not be swayed by this sirens song she is a minx who will do anything to get her way and she always gets what she wants. Probable descendent of Lucifer himself this girl is pure evil with a heart of ice.
"Damn did you hear what Sarah did today"
"Yah she is one evil girl"
"I know shes such a Sarah"
by sciencebitch January 03, 2014
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