A very beautiful, shy, sweet, intelligent, meaningful, and loyal friend who you can trust. Sometimes annoying, but very easy to get along with.
I wish i was like Sarah!
by Mrs. Hemmings ;) June 04, 2014
She walks with a sway in her hips that will leave your jaw hitting the floor. Her hair is as soft as silk, and her smile will make you quiver in nervousness. When you hear her sing, your heart will race with shock and awe. You can't help but stare at her beauty. When she speaks her words are so brilliantly put together, you'd think she'd written it before hand, they fill you with happiness and leave you hoping to hear more. There are no words to explain the beauty of Sarah. She's simply too stunning. She is perfection. You never want to hurt her because she has a passion for life and a future that you want to be apart of. She is the woman I love with a passion and I will never leave her side. I would die for this woman. She is creative, and brilliant, she will rock your world with a glance. She can end a war with one word. She will always be apart of me. She has my soul, and my heart. I will always exist and only for her. When she cries, I feel my heart breaking with each tear that runs down her face, and even though It will never be my fault. I tell her I'm sorry because she needs a friend to help her. There is no one more important than Sarah. She will bring the brightness to your day, and without her, life would not exist.
Stranger - "Dude, She's hot!"
Me - Don't you dare disgrace her with a word like "hot" Sarah is so much more. She is beautiful, she is gorgeous, she is the pure definitions of the word perfect. There is no one like Sarah. She has a fiery personality that will make regret all your worst decisions, yet a gentle compassion that will make you love her more.
by 6' 3" Ginger December 17, 2013
The word beautiful comes to mind. Unfortunately, neither this nor any other word in the English dictionary can begin to describe the women that this name has been ascribed to. Sarah. Helena of Troy would pale in comparison. What is it that makes her so alluring? Her smile is enduring, the thoughts of which will never leave your mind. Would you betray eternity for her? Dwelling on troubles that have torn you apart from her will drive you mad. Never hurt her as she deserves the best this world has to offer.
Guy 1, "Woah, dude did you just see that girl? It was like an unbelievable sense of inner beauty radiated from her as she walked by."

Guy 2, "What? She seems average to me man."

Guy 1, "Your crazy. The angels themselves must be burning with envy. She's a Sarah."
by T3A4oNe May 03, 2013
One of the greatest people you will ever meet; beautiful eyes, great smile, awesome personality. When you meet her its like love at first sight. Thinks she has a weird laugh but some people find it cute. Deserves to be with someone who will appreciate and care for her forever.
Dude#1: "remember that girl we met at knott's scary farm?"
Dude #2: "which one?"
Dude#1: "The really pretty one with the cute laugh...."
Dude#2: "Oh you mean Sarah!"
Dude#1: "Yea, i think i might like her"
Dude#2: "I think so does Bryan....and he seems like he will appreciate her more than you will"
by krispe_kreamz November 18, 2012
Slang ; Acronym (Single And Rich And Happy) which coincides with an already existing word.
Gerard: My ex girlfriend says she's a Sarah.
Michelle: Wtf?! Her name is Molly, innit?
Gerard: Yeah but she's single and rich and happy now.
by pouh July 23, 2011
She is sooooooooooooooooooooo fashionable, funny, and bae. Sarah tends to be not confident and has low self-esteem. She has lots of people who are there for her and tell her she is beautiful, unique, and kind. She is hilarious but tends to embarrass herself a little too much. She falls in love with one person and once only. She crushes on multiple people before she chooses a one true love. She makes a lot of mistakes and lies a lot to protect her friends and family but ends up screwing everything up. Soon she learns from her mistakes. She loves her friends and family and is a sweet compassionate girl!
Sarah is so great, I wish she'd listen to her friends and think she is gorgeous!
by TheMotavator February 28, 2015
someone who feels all emotions strongly and is called a doormat because she lets people walk all over her. Quite possibly the nicest person you'll ever meet. Generally really pretty and smart.
Man I wish I was a Sarah!
by answers123 February 28, 2015

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