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A girl who be climbing in yo window and snatchin yo people up
Friend: Don't forget to lock your windows up

Me: Why?

Friend: Because Sarah is in town
by Suckkker March 15, 2013
A girl who is amazing and also a mouse. She makes the sound afjaghajgheoghpwg (quietly). She loves turtles and owes me a cookie. Overall, she's perfect.
That girl is such a Sarah.
by who am i ? December 31, 2012
beautiful, smart (sometimes), big ass, kinda of ditzy and always in her own world, all the boys are chasing after her but kinda of scared because she can be a real bitch at times, even though she defintally has an attitude to practically everyone, everyone still loves her. you can be having the worst day of your life and it will be better by just looking at her smile.
guy 1: that sarah is such a babe
guy 2: trust me dude, i know
guy 1: hey! back off shes mine
guy 2: not for long...
by teeeam edwardoo!!!!!! November 28, 2011
A very beautiful, shy, sweet, intelligent, meaningful, and loyal friend who you can trust. Sometimes annoying, but very easy to get along with.
I wish i was like Sarah!
by Mrs. Hemmings ;) June 04, 2014
A sassy and playful personality with a secret cheeky side, also is smart and sexy with a great body. Doesn't accept anything but the best. Has a stunning face shape, great features and incredible hair. Great taste in music, fashion and everything else. Every girl secretly wishes she could be her and every guy wants to be with her. She is the most effect person you will ever meet.
Boy 1: I wish I could be with Sarah, she's so fit!
Boy 2: Stop daydreaming dude, she is so out of you'r league!
by cheekygirl45 April 24, 2014
A blonde bitch, that will pretend to be your best friend but go behind your back and have sex with your boyfriend!! It spends all day shopping online spending the money it doesn't have because its to lazy to get a job. A sarah is basically as FAKE as they come. So if you see a sarah run in the other direction, and hide your boyfriend!
Girl 1 : Whos that girl flirting with your boyfriend???

Girl 2: Thats a sarah
by THATGIRL January 13, 2014
She usually the prettiest girl in the world.... she has the dimples of an angel... her dimples are dimplicious and cute as fudge
Dimples Sarah
by matty_Enriquez80 December 29, 2013