A cracker jack.
Do you have drama in your life? Do you want drama in your life? Look no further because we have the solution for you!! It's a Sarah in the box pop-up cracker jack, free to a fully functional family who would like their lives to be disrupted.
by eatyourownwordsdouchebag September 25, 2010
She is sooooooooooooooooooooo fashionable, funny, and bae. Sarah tends to be not confident and has low self-esteem. She has lots of people who are there for her and tell her she is beautiful, unique, and kind. She is hilarious but tends to embarrass herself a little too much. She falls in love with one person and once only. She crushes on multiple people before she chooses a one true love. She makes a lot of mistakes and lies a lot to protect her friends and family but ends up screwing everything up. Soon she learns from her mistakes. She loves her friends and family and is a sweet compassionate girl!
Sarah is so great, I wish she'd listen to her friends and think she is gorgeous!
by TheMotavator February 28, 2015
A loving,caring,kind,musical,funny, and animal lover! Has a outstanding favorite color, is VERY educated and not into guys as much as other girls. Doesn't want to grow up to fast and is enjoying life as it takes her
All in all Sarah is a great person!
by Orange7899 December 15, 2014
The sexiest, most drop dead gorgeous woman in the entire universe. If you end up meeting one you are one of the luckiest people ever. While some may consider her to be bad and other such derogatory terms they only say so because they are jealous beacause their man probably left them for a Sarah and now they are total douchebags. Sarahs are caring, loyal, and loving and command the respect of everyone.
Girl1: ugh, look at that Sarah over there, no one likes her!!
Guy1: well I kinda wanna see her later for dinner.
Guy2: lay off it Guy1 and Girl1 Sarah's mine and both of you are douchebags!
by NinjaGing November 19, 2014
A very beautiful, shy, sweet, intelligent, meaningful, and loyal friend who you can trust. Sometimes annoying, but very easy to get along with.
I wish i was like Sarah!
by Mrs. Hemmings ;) June 04, 2014
A sassy and playful personality with a secret cheeky side, also is smart and sexy with a great body. Doesn't accept anything but the best. Has a stunning face shape, great features and incredible hair. Great taste in music, fashion and everything else. Every girl secretly wishes she could be her and every guy wants to be with her. She is the most effect person you will ever meet.
Boy 1: I wish I could be with Sarah, she's so fit!
Boy 2: Stop daydreaming dude, she is so out of you'r league!
by cheekygirl45 April 24, 2014
The cutest smartest girl in the whole world! She's a bit ditsy at times but that's just her. She generally has a lions mane for hair but when it's tamed she is second to no one in beauty. She makes the best girlfriends and she cares most of all about those lucky enough to be close to her! She is a 9.8/10 who plays gta! She has a smile that brightens everyone's day up, and if you're lucky enough to be near to her then you are the happiest person alive. She is like the wings of an aeroplane, give her a chance and she'll lift you to the skies! A bona fide keeper!
Hey dude when did you last see Sarah?
Oh she was in her room playing gta like a boss!

That Sarah's a keeper!
by The defined15288383 January 03, 2014
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