usually petite, and pretty fucking hot. the one in the group that the other girls wished they looked like. nice ass, and knows how to use it.
1: so, who was it you're with?
1: MAAAAAYYTEE, how did you get THAT peice of ass.
by HURDURR May 05, 2010
Hebrew Meaning: Princess.
An amazing brunette with eyes you could stare into forever, self-conscious about her body and face and usally small boobs. She's beautiful; she just doesn't know it. Loves music & animals, not a hater!

An amazing personality, funny, hyper & a total sweetheart!
Gets upset easily but tries to hide it and generally falls for assholes.

Always got that beautiful smile that lights up the room plastered across her face & will do anything for her friends!
Trusts & loves easily, so don't take her for granted!

Usually tries to take the blame or pain for her friends.
Guy 1: Wow, that girl is so sweet! I don't know how shes single. I wonder what her name is.
Guy 2: Don't trip g, thats Sarah. Everyone thinks that.
Guy 1: I don't stand a chance.
Guy 2: That's right!
by lolwkdjndw December 08, 2011
A woman who loves God with all her heart. Generally pretty. Will always be there for her friends an family. Has fallen before, but she gets right back up. Not so quick on getting jokes. Can be loud. Most of the time a fun girl to be around. Doesn't get mad easily. Usually gets along with everyone. A pretty unique girl. One of a kind.
Abraham married Sarah.
by Toddy342 April 30, 2011
1. The name "Sarah" is translated from the Hebrew language. It means "Princess"...and rightly so!

2. The correct spelling of the name sara.

3.The flyest chick you'll ever meet. A generous, outgoing girl who goes out of her way for her friends. Likes to get down and party like no other. She cares about everyone and Loves to help. Cops are her #1 fans. Can be a bitch so watch out. Doenst take anyones shit. I'snt afraid to throw the first punch. She is super funny and really pretty, she is the best leprechaun sized person ever born to this wonderful land.
by CrazyBitch10136 February 03, 2010
An awesome person. Really awesome. It is actually uncomprehensable how intensely awesome she is. She is also a god. Like a proper god, not a fool with a god complex.
Person 1: Wow that person over there is AWESOME!!!!
Person 2: Yeah that's Sarah
by :) :D xD November 14, 2011
The most beautiful, amazing, corky girl.
Sarah is the best.
by Jbloo September 13, 2010
a pretty, sensitive, shy girl who cares about others. shes usually shy but sometimes she has a wild side. most guys will want her so when you like her, go for it. i know i want to....SARAH W
is that sarah?
yeah. isnt she amazing...
i like her.
by milesamillion12324 June 30, 2011

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