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the most sluttiest slut you could ever meet. she's with every guy your friends with and sleeps with all your friends. have fun keeping her as a friend.. she's lesbian too.. She has aids/herpes/HIV..or any STD's
* Guy1:Hey do you know Sarah?

Guy2:i fucked her

Guy1:me too guess what?


Guy1:she gave me aids...now you have them too
by person45012 May 04, 2013
A girl with naturally red hair and green eyes. She loves abusing people and has a large appetite. Will accept an invitation to McDees anyday. Can turn any conversation into a dirty one by making you feel uncomfortable by getting too close and serenading people. Thinks she can sing but she sucks! Likes to play with woodland creatures while riding llama's in farmville.
Hey look, theres a Sarah floating in my toilet!

Is Sarah home? No, shes riding Bob!!
by BobHogg January 15, 2010
The worst cunt bitch in the entire world. She is Satans down-syndrome offspring that consists of hobo fetus and shit. Everyone in the world has deep secret hate her. She deserves every bad thing that happens to her but is ungrateful for every little good thing that happens to her. Her face is of uneven skin tone and whiteheads and zits and ugly smeared eyeliner. She has a small muffin top and a flat ass and she wears a billion ounces of padding in her bra. She is the ugliest, smelliest, stupidest, bitchiest fucker to ever walk the face of the planet. God help her.
Example 1 : "Omg did you hear what she did? It was such a Sarah move."
Example 2: "That girl is the biggest bitch in the world. She is a perfect example of a Sarah."
by yes.ima.hater April 03, 2010
A very quiet girl who dresses like a whore. She normally tries to be cute, and follow the latest trends. Lies a often, and is a back stabber. Never a true friend, and you can normally find her in the red light district.
Kaylee: Sarah, you're my best friend, right?
Sarah: Of course!
Kaylee: *Leaves*
Sarah: *Turns to others* I fucking hate her.
by SomeChickThatEveryoneLoves December 28, 2009
a very hot girl who is not that smart but gets through the day. Very sensual, funny and lovable. Usually has a boyfriend that her friends don't like. Great friends and family.
Dude did you hear?!
Nah man, what?!
Sarah is single!
Dude i'm so going to ask her out, its time for her next boyfriend
by lizzie d August 26, 2008
a girl who gets horny everyday, who is selfish. And who doesnt care about school =D who is also mean. and ususaly a white person name
sarah is so smart...... (not)
by lalalalalalalalalflalalalalalc December 16, 2009
Awkwardly tall, Strawberry blonde, blue eyes, freckles, etc. She loves her friends to death. Loves super loud scary music. Will do anything to make you happy. Likes making friends and can get along with almost everybody. Will stick by your side and hopes to be your favorite person! Get to know her. :]
Sarah in your pants and you like it.
by INYOURPANTS, Sexy Beast. August 16, 2008
this pretty cool person who is talkative and looks incredibly white and holds a pretty good argument against most people who underestimate her and she cant live without Nina
dude those 2 chicks are hardcore Sarah and Nina style
by GOR :D February 17, 2008