the most sluttiest slut you could ever meet. she's with every guy your friends with and sleeps with all your friends. have fun keeping her as a friend.. she's lesbian too.. She has aids/herpes/HIV..or any STD's
* Guy1:Hey do you know Sarah?

Guy2:i fucked her

Guy1:me too guess what?


Guy1:she gave me you have them too
by person45012 May 04, 2013
beuatiful, smart, cute and sexy girl. Doesn't know it but all the girls are jealous of her and the guys want her. She loves animals and to be with people. Don't break her heart because when her trust is broken it's not easy to fix. She usually has green eyes and blond/ brown hair. She loves sports and art. She is very dedicated to what she does and doesn't give up easily. Tends to be very insecure and shy.
Guy 1: Damn who's that?
Guy 2: That's Sarah.
Guy 1: I'm going to talk to her!
Guy 2: Not before me !!
by Realgirlsareunicorns June 25, 2016
A sweet, kind, and caring individual. One whom is always thereee for her friends and family at a moments notice. She is not religious because she believes she has control over her own life. (She does) She has been threw hell (hypothetically)and back and loves the people who have always been their for her. She is a fool for nobody. (Nobody) She may fall in love- but once her heart is broken she will never trust again. Some wounds cannot be healed... So FUCK YOU! :)
Sarah: Damn that boy has some game... I loved him once before. But he broke my heart in the worst way possible. Ding! Game over!
by FrancoisBenicia18473 June 11, 2016
A very white whore who has a cobweb shaped pussy. She has been fucked by a stoner named Niko. She always freaks out over the smallest things and gets annoying and has only 3 friends.
"Omg do you see that slut?"
"don't you mean Sarah?"
by I put the S in S.L.U.T July 08, 2016
A whale that loves flopping on guys
A slut bag traveling the land looking for "fun"
"Hey you Sarah!"
by Yourmama16 May 09, 2016
A very disgusting person. Usually has a very large nose but very nice body. Hoe FoSho'. If you see her, run
Guy 1: "You should smang them cheeks'
Guy 2: "Nah, I would thrax them little jaunts buts she's a Sarah"
by Ching Chong Jerry May 07, 2016
Sarah is a kind, smart and funny girl. She loves horses and country music, Sarah is usually a shy, confusing and insecure girl with a awesome personality. You will never meet another girl so perfect and so modest.
Sarah is so confusing, she won't talk to me at school, but she always texts me.
by DeadlyForest May 27, 2015
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