the most sluttiest slut you could ever meet. she's with every guy your friends with and sleeps with all your friends. have fun keeping her as a friend.. she's lesbian too.. She has aids/herpes/HIV..or any STD's
* Guy1:Hey do you know Sarah?

Guy2:i fucked her

Guy1:me too guess what?


Guy1:she gave me you have them too
by person45012 May 04, 2013
sweet girl that loves to play, she is very caring and loving that's why she wants to please every guy on earth, married or not. If you want her charms to fall over you call 3617796783 and you will feel like heaven.
I feel really tensioned today, I should give Sarah a call, she knows how to "make" me feel better.
by boolove August 05, 2011
A short, usually chubby girl who thinks they have everything. Usually trying to be scene or emo, and the only reason why they can do that, is because he family comes from money. Also a huge school slut. Because they don't get paid. Usually with dark hair also. Maybe pink.
Don't pull a sarah. You might get an STD.

I saw a Sarah today, she looked fat and slutty more than ever!
by lovelyinsulting October 12, 2011
gansta ass wigga
Sarah: "isnt in clear that im a gansta ass wigga?"
by joshrockssocks February 07, 2011
an amazing curly haired brunette from Iowa.She can be found in her natural setting,attached to a snowboard....smiling from ear to ear.
Oh look it's a Sarah!Don't all of those belong in Maine?
by jin06 January 23, 2010
a cunt. usually looks like a rat.. sort of fat. has really pointy boobs. a really lumpy ass. ugly as hell. messed up hair, teeth, and face.
look its sarah, she is lookin pretty ugly today. wtf is up with her hair?
by lmfao.3765930 January 10, 2012
A mean and evil girl who likes to cause drama for everyone because she is so depressed in her own life, she has fake friends because every real friend she has ever had she has done something terrible to them to drive them away.

She is a bully who is going no where in life and is fat and ugly with a giraffe neck. So many people are hoping that one day she slips and falls the many cracks and holes she creates. She is a complete waste of space and time on this planet.

OHH and she cant even make her own jokes instead she takes it off from people and gives credit to her self, no guy will ever want her hahaha
Sarah - "You're a mess."
by Karmayoubitch October 03, 2011
A super annoying girl who follows EVERYONE around. Is super clingy and doesn't wear anything but sweatshirts, tshirts, jeans, and sports bras. She even wears jeans in the summer with sweatshirts! She has a lot of zits and it looks like she

has never washed her face in her life. She is the girl everyone secretly hates especially if her last name is McCormack. Also sucks at sports such as basketball and especially soccer. Yah she is probably the worst soccer player you have ever seen.
Dude she's so ugly and annoying.

Well what do you expect? Her name I sarah.
by Isayitlikeitis May 28, 2011

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