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And you thought Bush was bad?

McCain's VP. A heartless red neck from the boonies of Alaska This evil murderer is a lifetime member of the NRA, she guns down innocent animals and mounts their heads on her walls. She tried to pass a law so hunters could aerially kill more wolves and bears so she could have more deer and caribou to kill... selfish bitch. She could careless about our utterly important environment as long as she gets oil. She is also a poor mother just look at her pregnant, unwed teenage daughter. She also has little knowledge of economics as well as foreign affairs...I will forever be embarrassed to go to another country and call myself an American.

I feel sorry that the republican party has such an idiot for a VP.

If you plain to vote for her remember this...when something happens to McCain would you trust her to run our country?

Neither would I.
Sarah Pallin=idiot
by Aphrodite661 September 02, 2008
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