MAVERICK; doesn't brand their cattle, nor follows rules (like all politicians), has a slutty, stupid pregnant teenager who doesn't understand where babies come from
Sarah Palin: Maaaaaaaaaverick!
by Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaverick January 12, 2009
cum guzzling liar

may or may not be a MILF/wannabe VPILF in addition to being a cum guzzling liar
Sarah Palin
by Hari Subramanyam October 14, 2008
John McCain's pick for Vice President in the 2008 Presidential Election. Palin was elected Governor of Alaska in 2006. She has a retarded baby and supported building a $330 Million bridge to a sparesly populated Gravina Island with a population of 50 people. It is many peoples opinion that Palin is a VPILF, however, her teenage daughter is much hotter.

Most consider her a "heartbeat" away from being the next President of the United States, being that her running mate, John McCain, is 72, and looks and smells like a catcher's mitt.
I want to bang Sarah Palin's daughter
by NigJuice September 09, 2008
A mentally ill "politician" who doesn't understand why we've been in Korea for the last 50 years. Someone who FOX News hired as a political commentator that cant comment on politics unless it involves abortion, gay marriage, stem cells, terrorists or other dumb shit that gets the religious nuts all riled up. If her and McCain had won she would be a heartbeat away from being the leader of the free world because everyone knows McCains' old ass is about to keel over any minute. She does have one thing going for her though. Even though she's forty-something and has shit out four or five kids, she still looks really sexy.
Guy #1: Sarah Palin is useless.
Guy #2: No she's good for one thing. You can stick your penis in her mouth and shut her up. Teach her a lesson
by fuck ferrets March 31, 2010
A woman who ran for Vice President under Republican fossil John McCain in 2008, and failed miserably. Many expect her to run for President in 2012. However recently she quit halfway through her term as governor of Alaska.

This likely means she doesn't stand a chance in any future elections. (unless she sucks and fucks her way up the political latter like in 2008's election.) and will end up either working for Fox News to support her right-wing claims, (See: Mike Huckabee )

Also see:
I saw Sarah Palin on TV the other day and popped a boner. However I didn't listen to the warnings that listening to her may cause dizziness.
by mj_kingofpop July 27, 2009
Lemme see. Less than 2 years as a guv, and that makes Sarah qualified to be a Vice-President and maybe President of the U.S.A.. Her election loss shows that maybe some people are starting to use their heads and not their dicks. Just because some female looks good and strikes a pose with a fuck me honey look doesn't mean that she has a brain or good intentions.
Sarah Palin recently told the media to leave her children alone. Yet last fall she exploited them for her campaign (this "family values" crap - most politicians do this!), one of her daughters is a teen pregnancy case, her husband (or some other relative) possibly wanted Alaska to secede , on and on. I'm "pro-hunting" (and FYI, ex-Pres Bill Clinton hunts too) but it's wrong to kill animals if you don't utilize them for food, furs, etc. Killing caribou with a gat while hanging from a chopper is just plain reckless, wasteful, and stupid. She's in a fundamentalist cult that thinks mankind co-existed with the dinosaurs 4000 years ago. The Bible says that God doesn't work on OUR time or OUR calendars! Check out the science books. The Flintstones it ain't. They think that gay people can be "cured" of their sexual orientation (just ask a homosexual about that). She wants to allow oil drilling in the Arctic, never mind the Eskimos and polar bears. She's too dumb to believe in global warming. So many corrupt deeds, so many skeletons in the closet. Doesn't know that Africa is a continent. Bloggers call her "MILF", "GILF", "VPILF", oh WTF? She poses like Sharon Stone with her legs crossed but she's not holding a cigaret. John McCain is a decent, respectable war hero but he aligned himself with Christian Reich pukeheads who are not his friends. He was smart to disassociate himself apart from the violent white trash riff-raff who were at some of his rallies who were demanding that Obama be hung (they said he's a "terrorist" and an "Arab" (!)). Yet Sarah blabbed that "Obama is in cahoots with terrorists". She's a dumdum with no class. McCain might've been an alright President but he relied on the WRONG PEOPLE for support. Sarah is just a

Dumb girl! Dum dum dum

The girl is STUPID AS CAN BE!

Every time she flaps her yap, out comes the crap. Just like Ann Coulter. She's one real bad apple. She needs to STFU and go back to her cold igloo and stay!

John McCain is a Vietnam War HERO but Sarah Palin is an abosolute ZERO.
by American Seer February 01, 2009
Sarah Palin is a creature formed by several generations of inbreeding. The inbreeding took a toll on its mind, making it unable to understand basic political and geographic concepts that George Bush or a 5 year old would undertstand. After a life of quiet government positions(including mayor of Town Smaller Than Your Finger aka Wasilla, Meh... aka Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Chairperson and Governor of PalinLand aka Alaska, it was thrust into the big leagues as Die Already!!! (aka John McCain) chose it as his VP pick to breathe life in his long dead presidential campaign. The Sean Hannity Butt Kissers (aka Republicans), trying to cling onto their quest for economic and peace destruction, responded very well to it, while the Democrats pointed out the obvious: it was not ready. After making idiotic and/or ignorant comments (such as mentioning the terrorist activities William Ayers partook in that Barack Obama HAD to have been involved in, at age 8, or its magical skills as a hockey mom), the majority of the public made a mockery out of it. Shows such as Saturday Night Live had very hilarious, but very true imitations of it. Eventually, she incinerated the dead body of Die Already!!!'s campaign, and he lost.

After it all, it continued to get pregnant from various members of its family and its dog and proceded to make a mockery of her "could've been normal" children.
"Sarah palin is such an idiot!"
by Interrobang2rd February 23, 2009

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