-A "Maverick" from Alaska;)........who does everything people tell her to do.

-A disgrace and a 40 year setback for women across the nation

-John McCain's pin-up doll
synonomous with ditz.

"Gosh darn, wink wink!"- Sarah Palin
"I'll have to get back to ya!"
by Virgo Bootz January 29, 2009
A snarky woman who clawed her way to get the Republican nomination for Vice President during the 2008 presidential race. She got her 15 minutes by disregarding the best interests of her family and lying about her experience and qualifications. She earned a bachelor's degree in journalism through a scholarship that she won in a beauty contest in 1979, and she touts herself as qualified to hold the most powerful position in the free world. She opposes abortion (even in cases of rape) and still calls herself a feminist.
"Geez- that girl is so snide and hypocritical- I'm so glad I only have to be in a class with her for this one semester! She's a regular Sarah Palin!"
by collegemom September 05, 2008
Irrational Evangelical moose-hunter who sees no wrong in abusing power to fight personal vendettas. Took 6 years and 5 schools to garner one Bachelors Degree in the lightweight field of Communication. Most notable college achievement (aside from mastering the art of packing a U-haul) was the purchase and display of a self-promoting t-shirt that read "I may be broke, but at least I'm not flat busted!"
For obvious reasons, Sarah Palin is an idiot.
by kate254 October 14, 2008
Spawned February 11, 1964 when God himself came to earth and farted. This event is also known as the Immaculate Misconception.

Under orders from God, or possibly other voices, Sarah Palin has been spreading Immaculate Misconceptions throughout the world.
Sarah Palin's Immaculate Misconceptions include but are not limited to:
Claims that she is competent.
Claims that she is not corrupt.
Claims that she can see Russia from her backyard.
Claims that she reads the newspaper, and can, in fact read.
Claims that she can spot the US on a world map.
Claims that she could actually boost Dave Letterman's ratings.
The idea that she belongs on any TV program, besides Intervention.
Her children.
by theconcernedcitizen June 19, 2009
Dick Cheney in a skirt.
Sarah Palin was picked for running mate by George Bush III
by Horseshooter September 20, 2008
When you notice someone who might be hot, but then you realize she's batshit crazy, votes for Pat Buchanan, and is a zealot.
No way, that Sarah Palin over there is bad news. I heard she's a Republican.
by Shorty Smalls September 05, 2008
Second-Rate Cougar from Alaska whom the Republicans bafflingly believe is somehow qualified to be "next in line" after having governed a lightly populated state for all of a year and a half.

Delivered a shrill, bitter speech at the Republican convention and will likely be buried by Joe Biden in the upcoming VP debates.

Has pregnant, unmarried teen daughter, who will soon marry white trash father.

Supports white trash activities, such as aerial wolf-hunting, protesting pro-choice groups and marrying rednecks.

Attended 5 third-rate colleges in 5 years, finally graduating from the vaunted University of Idaho.

Running mate to a guy who has one leg and two bum arms already in the grave.
Did you see that cougar Sarah Palin the other night at the RNC? Every pervert conservative geezer in the joint was looking up that bitch's skirt.
by The Herlihy Boy September 05, 2008
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