The smart, witty, snarky Governor of Alaska.
She is now the Vice Presidential running mate of Republican and war hero John McCain.
Very few have heard of her till now but she is here and she is kicking Barak's ass.
Sarah Palin may be the next President, the way this election is going..
by TheEndMyFriend September 03, 2008
The hottest woman to ever be named as a Vice Presidential running mate!
Have you seen Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin? She is McCain's schmokin' hot pick for Vice President in the upcoming 2008 Presidential election!
by markishmark August 29, 2008
John McCain's running mate and the first female Republican vice presidential nominee. At age 44 she is the current governor of Alaska and a mother of five children. She is John McCain's biggest gamble.
Since becoming governor in 2006, Sarah Palin has fought corruption, vetoed earmarks, and worked for American energy independence. Like McCain, she claims to be a maverick.
by PaulN August 29, 2008
Governor of Alaska and the presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee for the 2008 United States presidential election.
I want to bone Sarah Palin.
by 0311 August 29, 2008
Some random lady that could be your next Vice President. Like Hilary but she doesn't look like an alien.
Sarah Palin is hot for a woman in her mid-40s
by The Ill3st August 29, 2008
An Alaskan governor who is the republican nominee for president. Was a mayor from 1996-2002, and became governor in 2006. Is pro-life, pro-gun ownership, and has been known to break party lines.
Sarah Palin was born in Idaho and moved to Alaska at the age of 3 months.
by Hoagie House2 August 29, 2008
An honorable white woman and the running mate of GOP Presidential candidate John McCain. She will help McCain take the votes of all those who wanted to see Hillary Clinton in the White House.
Sarah Palin has done great things for Alaska and is the right person for this job! FIRST!
by Jerrymander August 29, 2008

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