Governor of Alaska. Beautiful, smart, and a "Pit bull with lipstick" rising star in the Republican Party. Nominated as Vice Presidential Candidate with John McCain. Single handedly brought the Republican Party back to life.

Besides his wife, the one woman that has Obama scared!
Who was that woman speaking at the Republican Convention that everyone is talking about?

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah !! Sarah Palin, the first female President of the United States !
by Tennessee Wayne September 06, 2008
the Republican Vice-Presidential canidate for John McCain in the 2008 Presidential elction. She is also formerly know as the Mayor of Wassila and the Gov. of Alaska.
She is a firm believer in the Sanctity of life and the resourcefulness of the American people.
during her campaign as Vice presidential nominee she fought:
-for no abortion
-for no eauthenization
-for an increase in homeland oil dependency
-against gay marriage (as the Constitution specifically states that marriage is the union between one man and one woman)
-a decrease in Iraq troops but a steady stay in the war we need to fight, as radicalTerrorists are still a threat to the U.S.A.
-cutting spending and taxes and giving back to the communities
-for faith, strong believer in the power of "One Nation Under God!"
She has now returned to being the Gov. of Alaska and fighting corruption whenever it approaches.
Many look hopefully to her for the future in 2012 when she perhaps might run for President.
Sarah Palin is the future of the GOP!
by debbink8 December 11, 2008
The First woman to inevitably be Vice President and President.
McBush has announced Sarah Palin to be his running mate.
by aufman August 31, 2008
A strong and determined woman who served as the governor of Alaska for 3 years and in September of 2008 was chosen as the Vice Presidential running mate of Senator John McCain. She is a mother of 5, her youngest being a down syndrome child. Two of her sons serve in the armed forces. She deeply supports the war in Iraq and will continue to support it until American comes out victorious. Palin has strict conservative values which include supporting the 2nd amendment, being pro-life and anti gay marriage. She is the governor of Alaska and supports the United States in using our own natural resource in becoming energy independent, which include tapping into ANWR for more oil. She is the breathe of fresh air the Republican Party needs.
Obama doesn't know why he is slipping in the poles...oh yeah, that's right, he's old news, Sarah Palin has got the momentum.
by gwubbush September 05, 2008
What John McCain has chosen for a running mate. She is the governor of Alaska and she is an ultra conservative, but is pretty good to look at.

She believes that we should all have our guns, have babies, Jesus, lower taxes, and to DRILL right now!!! They are already starting to DRILL because of her. She is the member of the NRA and all that good shit. Her speeches could kick Obamas ass.

She was also responsible of starting a trend for teenager girls that support her with these rimless, artsy glasses and scene hair.
Sarah Palin... she's a woman!!! She is America's dream girl.
by lil duff 2008 September 06, 2008
McCain's running mate for the 2008 Presidential election. It's an interesting choice because she is the exact opposite of McCain: female, short, hot, spunky, conservative, athletic, hip, and a good politician.
Sarah Palin is the hottest person to even enter U.S. national politics.
by Mr. Namahs August 30, 2008
The future vice president of the United States.
Gee, I can't wait until John McCain and Sarah Palin get voted into office.
by Marlie88 September 08, 2008
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