The governor of Alaska who is stupid because... um... because she said... um...
Stupid person: Sarah Palin is such a stupid woman
Me: Really? How so?
Stupid person: Because she... um... and then she was all like this... and... um...
by Shnoogle June 20, 2014
The vice presidential nominee who is basically a nazi, without the genocide. She has as much experience as a PTA member. Quite frankly she's a bit of a joke. Oh yeah and her daughter has had two kids and pretends the first one was hers, hows that for fucked up.
OMG!!! McCain is a hypocrite for nominating Sarah Palin.
by Chrisity September 15, 2008
John McCain's VP pick for his disasterous 2008 presidential run is a vicious, bellicose, spiteful, vindictive, homophobic ultra right-wing crackpot who is opposed to abortion rights and stem-cell research, and is in favor of extreme gun-rights, unrestricted drilling for oil, lowering the drinking age and creationism taught in the public schools. Even for a polititian, her ability to look a TV camera straight in the eye while unloading an avalanche of bullshit is astounding. A pathological liar to the max, she makes Richard Nixon look like a choirboy on sodium pentathol. Watch her keep a straight face while referring to herself as a maverick, or when she says that dinosaurs were around 4,000 years ago. To top it all off, she married a guy who said the core American values are "hunting and fishing."
Sarah Palin would make a lousy Vice President, but she would probably give great head.
by Rollo & Biff October 19, 2008
1. The female equivalent of George W. Bush; the female archetype of a dumbass American conservative.
2. An animal-killing, homophobic, anti-abortion (even in rape cases) but trigger-happy and war-loving, creationist, ocean drill-loving, polar bear-hating, hypocritical, childish, overbearing bitch.
3. An inexperienced woman who believes she can do anything, as far as being vice president of the United States, and abandon her own special-needs baby.
4. A quitter who wants to be president.
1. Sarah Palin is an evil slut.
2. God I can't stand that woman; she is such a Sarah Palin.
3. Sarah Palin's not ready to be president.
4. Why did Sarah Palin resign as the Governor of Alaska, but wants to run for president?

Note: My pseudonym is an intentional misspelling of this bitch's name.
by FuckSerraPaylynn June 11, 2010

Boldfaced, shameless liar.

One who lacks integrity or self-respect.

Someone who doesn't believe in science or facts or evidence.

She said she opposed a bill that she infact had supported. She's such a Sarah Palin.
by A J' P September 10, 2008
Governor of Alaska for the Republican Party and VP choice for Mccain in 2008.

She hasn't fucking proposed one rationale policy for her party on what she is going to do to help the American people! She's pro life, anti contraception, creationist, pro gun ownership, pro shooting animals, anti gay marriage...wants to drill oil in Alaska than think of renewable resources....and of course a really shit orator.

Basically she is everything Hillary Clinton isn't, so she's the leverage for Mccain to get Hillary supporters for voting for her because she has a fanny.
"The difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull: Lipstick." - Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin = Bush with a vagina

by Fluorescent Black September 10, 2008
Led the metropolis of Wasilla, Alaska, population 7,025.
Led the monstrous state of Alaska, population 683,478 (only a fraction of most major cities).

Lead the United States of America, population 305,063,000.

-Is being investigated for abuse of power.
-17 year-old daughter Bristol is pregnant.
-newborn baby Trig, with Downs Syndrome, is rumored to have actually been born of daughter Bristol.

That's all there is. Besides being a complete airhead, there really is nothing more about this broad. Nothing. But apparently, she's fit to live in the White House.
White House staff: Mrs. Palin, we are sorry to inform you that Mr. McCain passed away last night of heart complications. You are now the president of the United States of America.

Sarah Palin: oh my god. I didn't even know what the VP's job is, let alone the presidents!!
by philmm787 September 07, 2008

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