The 2008 Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee. In her home state of Alaska, she enjoys shooting wolves and moose from helicopters and attends church congregations that support "pray away the gay". This supposed reformer who "fought corruption" has been found guilty under ethics codes and abuse of power while in a political office. She is pro-life to the point that rape and incest are irrelevant and believes that polar bears should be taken off the endangered species list so that drilling can take place in ANWR. In an interview or debate, she utterly fails to answer questions and admits to it, while what she does have to say is well-scripted, lacking substance, and part of an obvious neo-conservative agenda that she is a pawn in. Her "folksy appeal" is one thing that landed us in trouble with Bush. Do you really want someone in public office whom you can sit down and have a beer (or shoot things) with? Or would you rather it be someone with whom you can hold an informative and intelligent conversation with? Presidents (and Vice-Presidents) are NOT meant to be merely anyone, or your average "Joe Sixpack". We carefully select Presidents because they should be unique, intelligent, knowledgeable, and have the capacity to think through our problems. Sarah Palin represents none of these. She is a political ploy.
Sarah Palin? See pawn or immoral.
by ObamaGirl#Infinite October 22, 2008
A tool used by the Republicans to try to win female votes that would have gone to Hillary. What the women who vote for her don't realize, though, is that she is the complete opposite of Hillary on the political spectrum. Sarah Palin wants to make even rape victims or women whose baby may kill them still have it. She also wants to ban the sale of condoms and preach abstinence in schools instead of safe sex. BRILLIANT!
I don't agree with any of her policies, but I may vote for Sarah Palin because she looks decent for politician. Around February or March, I will regret it though when I realize what she has been doing to our country and my wallet!
by toolguru September 26, 2008
The worst thing to happen to the American public.
The act of dropping a cleveland steamer on the chest of the American public. Sarah Palin.
by TheCosbySweaters April 11, 2010
I hear Sarah Palin is a Maverick...And some speculate that she is an actual Woman. Bollocks.
by I can't spell anonymous September 04, 2008
The Devil in female form, generally seen wearing bad power-suits.
Demon I call you Sarah Palin and cast you out!
by darrenmcc October 12, 2008
A rather hilarious joke you tell when you encounter an awkward silence.
*Awkward silence.*
"Hey wanna hear a joke?"
"Yeah, sure"
"Sarah Palin!"
by dacalpha December 22, 2008
A whore who is willing to accept sex from old, used up senators in order to be on tv.
Sarah Palin likes to get dominated by McCain while listening to Hannah Montana Orgasmic Squishy Sounds.
by tellziitlikeitizz November 01, 2008

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