Nicknamed "The Pittbull With Lipstick", the trooper-scandal-ear-mark-queen-ebay-airplane-lies-ethics-investigated VEEPchoice for the Republican Party 2008.

In a last ditch desperate response to the 80,000 people cheering Obama and his wife at the DNC , the Rovian McCain campaign decided to pull a fast one. They added a 'woman' to their ticket, perhaps hoping to spark some media interest, after noting the boring and sleep enducing effect McCain has on TV watchers.

It was effective. She was on the cover of People magazine immediately.

A creationist, angry, super religious, anti-gay, gun enthusiast and former member of the Alaskan Successionists (who hate America so much they want to actually NOT be American anymore), she gave new energy to the media's otherwise lackluster coverage of the republican convention.

She was a beauty queen, very pretty, and able to make nasty, extreme speeches blasting her oponenent with facts that are not based on reality - all the while wearing a snide smile.

Not surprisingly, neocons, gay haters, rednecks and religious wingnuts rally around her like flies on a pudding pop.
Q: What's the difference between Bush and Sarah Palin?
A: Lipstick

David Letterman thinks Sarah Palin is a Lenscrafters model.
by monkiki September 08, 2008
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Heinous bitch who only got elected because she sucked McCain's dick.
That fatherfucker is such a Sarah Palin that I bet she gets it on with politicians to save face. Or to moisturize face.
by BorntoVogue August 29, 2008
The woman who won the "Blow McCain" competition in late August, granting her Vice President nominee for the Elephant party (Republicans). Sarah Palin thinks that dinosaurs existed 4000 years ago and that evolution is not real. Sarah Palin is a stupid American soccer mom whose daughter is the basis for Juno.
Normal person: "i believe in evolution not creationism"
Sarah Palin (as VP): You are unamerican
by phenobarbiedoll September 11, 2008
- VP candidate of John McCain
- a deer slayer
- her church wants to kill gays or convert them
- she says she is in favor of shooting animals from a plane or helicopter with a machine gun
- she doesn't believe in global warming
- she wants offshore drilling
- her brain is in her ass
- wheres Alaska?
- she has shitty one-liners written by idiots of the magnitude of Tyler Marcus
sarah palin is a aero deer hunting motherfucker.
by Byrne H September 10, 2008
Tina Fey's doppelganger
Tina Fey did a spot on impression of Sarah Palin on SNL the other night. You betcha I'm a hockey mom hangin' out shootin' moose with Joe 6-Pack!!! We are just a team of mavericks gettin' all mavericky on the issues.
by Matt Weller October 09, 2008
A completely and totally unqualified, and rather terrifying, Vice Presidential Nominee. Also known as a joke.
"Can you believe that John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate?"

"No, I can't- the bitch is fucking crazy. She's just Bush in Heels."
by textbookenemy September 10, 2008
The Governor of Alaska and John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate for the 2008 election.
Sarah Palin will be a Jeopardy answer, but never a Vice President.
by Pointer of the Obvious August 29, 2008
A pro-life, pro-gun, pro-war Republican VP nominee. She has no experience, left Wasillia in a huge amount of debt, and is only being used as a political ploy to gain votes from idiot conservatives who can't think for themselves.
Stephen Colbert: Who the FUCK is Sarah Palin?
by rawrimabutterfly September 16, 2008

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