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One of the "Gods" in RuneScape :D
All hail Saradomin!
by iHateThisScreename February 26, 2009
Saradomin (pronounced "Sa-rah-dome-in",1 colloquially Sara2) is the god of "pleasantry, order, and wisdom" and is one of the most popular gods. Little is known about his past, but he has a great number of followers, and there are far more churches dedicated to Saradomin than to Zamorak. Most of his followers reside in Misthalin, Asgarnia, Kandarin and Entrana, but there are several groups outside these areas. Unlike those of Zamorak or Guthix, his followers consist almost entirely of humans. Saradomin's symbol is a four-pointed star (that is usually coloured gold or silver).
Saradomin order over all!!!
by kbreezy112 August 06, 2011

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