The name given to a female human being by her parents once it is evident that she well inevitably be a lifelong bitch.
1) Every Sara I've ever known has been a huge bitch. Stemming back as far as that evil little Triceratops in The Land Before Time.
2) "How do you spell your name?" "Oh, it's S-A-R-A" "SHIT! I knew you looked like a bioooootch!"
#sara #bitch #not sarah #land before time #triceratops
by Chuxtin April 08, 2015
An extremely long and singular nipple hair.
I've been growing out this Sara for the last three years.
#sara #nipple #hair #name #chest
by Martyr of Swag March 30, 2014
girl who farts without telling
ew nastiness Sara
#sara #gross #nasty #smelly #sick
by DawnMarie April 02, 2012
A smart, seductive, challanging, woman, teacher, and friend. Sara's are not the status quo. Knows more about art than most possers and is respected by reals. Anyone would be lucky to get her to feel real love. Good mother
herd she can pound a round back like no other.
KJ: Sup Sara, we on for going to see the Irish two step tapping?

Sara: Hon thats called riverdance!

KJ: lol I knew that already--just wanted to sound jazzy <3's on ya chika
#rotflmao #why #didnt #u #tell #me #hoe
by outtatheclosset October 22, 2009
SARA is an acronym used in accident and emergency departments at hostpitals.
It stands for Sexual Activity Related Accident.
Nurse 1: Did you see the SARA in A&E this morning?

Nurse 2: Yep, how someone gets a tin of special brew up their anus is beyond me.

Nurse 3: Did you see yesterdays SARA? He had a curly phone cord shoved so far up his penis it was tangled in his bladder!

Nurse 1: We had one in last week who was masturbating with gritty swarfega as a lube, that was a truly messy SARA.
#sexual accident #sexual experiment #mastubation #object insertion #s&m
by Bollokovski April 23, 2011
An amazingly beautiful girl. You can't help but smile at the sight of her grin, laugh at the sound of her giggle. Her hazel eyes see past your facade, see the real you, and make you want to be a better man.

When you tell Sara you went to college at Virginia Tech, she tells you she looks good in maroon and orange.

She is strong, independent, and a free spirit, but when her friends and family are met by troubles, she stops what she's doing, and is the pillar on which they can prop themselves up against in their time of need.

Sara knows her name means "princess" but she doesn't want to be treated like one. Sara's aren't to be placed on pedastals, and they don't want to lead any more than they want to follow. Sara wants to walk side by side, holding hands, as equals. She commands respect, and love, yes, but not because she was born a princess. Her life isn't predestined. She gets where she's at because of how hard she works. Her life is full of love and happiness because that's what she emanates, and people to flock to her to return it.

Oh, and did I mention all Sara's are hot...because they are.
Friend 1: Hey I met a girl today.

Friend 2: Sweet. What's her name?

Friend 1: Sara.

Friend 2: Niiiiice. I bet she's hot.

Person 1: You know what's cool about her, she likes sports and knows what colleges are awesome, and which ones are terrible. And did you see those killer hazel eyes? I mean damn!

Person 2: Yeah, what'd you expect, she's a Sara.
#virginia tech #hazel #smile #love #independent
by OEHOKIE May 03, 2009
A pretentious woman who drops the 'H' from the end of her name to make her sound less common
OMG Sara, you might live it a posh area but that doesn't make you posh. You can polish a turd but its still a turd.
#sara #turd #posh #pretentious #sarah
by SaraSucks March 09, 2009
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