The most amazing person ever!, The girl that u would do anything for and that a guy is so fucking lucky to have
Brian- who is this sara?
Ben- The most amazing thing ever!
by Beno73 April 02, 2007
Sara is a girl who is absolutly amazing. She is beautiful and unique. She has God's love inside her heart and I swear she is an angel sent from heaven. Attends Church on saturday nights. She loves American Sign Language, Owl City and is very fond of this half-asian 17 year old. J.R. Her heart is big, and she is extreamly kind. She always knows what to say to make someone smile, and she loves good news, It makes her giggle, and smile wide! Sara is extreamly politically active, and declares her self a teenage republican. She is Ann Coulter 2.0. To say in the least, Sara is just as perfect as they come!
by Pooky1992 February 07, 2010
Man that girl is a Sara
by Hash she November 26, 2013
A pretentious woman who drops the 'H' from the end of her name to make her sound less common
OMG Sara, you might live it a posh area but that doesn't make you posh. You can polish a turd but its still a turd.
by SaraSucks March 09, 2009
a sara is the defintion of someone who is super cute, funny, cool, and loves to dance and sing.
if your a sara your the life of the party!
by youknowhoiam July 25, 2009
A smart, seductive, challanging, woman, teacher, and friend. Sara's are not the status quo. Knows more about art than most possers and is respected by reals. Anyone would be lucky to get her to feel real love. Good mother
herd she can pound a round back like no other.
KJ: Sup Sara, we on for going to see the Irish two step tapping?

Sara: Hon thats called riverdance!

KJ: lol I knew that already--just wanted to sound jazzy <3's on ya chika
by outtatheclosset October 22, 2009
A tough, mean, and rude girl who tries to tear down other people to make herself seem higher.

Hates hyper people, loves rap and food. Very "macho" but when it comes down to it, she can't fight at all. She talks bluff.

Thinks she's smarter than everyone. Speak sarcasm as first language, and thinks she's God's gift to men.
Oh Sara tried to pick a fight with me today, but I said yes because I knew she wouldn't go through with it.
Did she?
Haha, no way, she backed out. xD
by hehehehe ^_^ December 04, 2012

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