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The name Sara is a variation of Sarah.
The name origin is Hebrew.
Sarah means princess.
Sara has become a popular name approximately 72 of 1000 baby girls born in the USA are called Sara.
Because the name Sara is a shortened version of Sarah these girls have a deeply rooted inferiority complex, they know they are only a knock off of the original. This causes a need to create psychological doubt in others in order to control and manipulate situations to their advantage, it is the only way they can achieve success.
Most people called Sara are self-absorbed, conceited, manipulative, hollow, backstabbing, and can’t be trusted.
Most people are not aware of the true nature of these creatures called Sara. They are good at hiding who they really are, but with time and your trust they are sure to stab you in the back displaying their natural personality.
by tired of being manipulated July 29, 2009
The slutty spelling of Sarah
We all know Sara gets around.
by iaresmartgirl February 02, 2010
Excuse me a minute while I wrench the knife out of my back. a total manyface and i dub her the biggest shit fairy in teh whole world!!!!!!! Is prone to calling you something resembling a sleazepot behind your back. Likes to keep her chucks CLEAN!! What the fuck?
Look at that girl!

I know. Clean chucks, shifty, catty demeanor. Gotta be a Sara.
by Clatie October 05, 2008
An Iraqi saying meaning lover of amro's
Guy1: Hey that girl is such a Sara
Guy2: yeh lucky Amro
by RoxyTheJoker October 10, 2009
an unusually hot chick that has plenty of bfs always. only like guys wit huge ass weiners with lots of testicles on it. only hot and guys that are faggots
i dated a sara last year
by fag4ev January 15, 2010
The wrong way to spell Sarah. Unlike the name Sarah this is the wrong spelling. If this is your name you will have to deal with a ton of people spelling your name with an h because that is how most people spell it.
What's your name?
With an H?
Wow that stinks
by 1a2b3c4d5e May 12, 2009
In Hebrew, means "Princess." Also, the incorrect spelling of Sarah.
So your name is Sara?
No, Sarah.
That's what I said...
by tehsak April 06, 2008