Man that girl is a Sara
#slut #whore #attention whore #back stabbing bitch #dick sucking slut
by Hash she November 26, 2013
Sara is a prostitute. She likes tacos and Mom music. She wears slutty clothes: her abaiya. She rides really hard. Her favourite ride is her pet camel. Sara 69's all the time, especially with swaggots she meets on the street. Sara's life consists on Tumblr when she isn't fucking strangers in the ocean. Sara orgasms every 6 seconds and moans like a little baby octopus. She enjoys long walks on the beach and foreplay.
"OMG sara is such a slut!"
"IKR look at her riding that camel!!! OH!!"
#fucking #sex #orgasms #foreplay #prostitute
by Smashwhateverdignityyouhavelef December 25, 2012
A tough, mean, and rude girl who tries to tear down other people to make herself seem higher.

Hates hyper people, loves rap and food. Very "macho" but when it comes down to it, she can't fight at all. She talks bluff.

Thinks she's smarter than everyone. Speak sarcasm as first language, and thinks she's God's gift to men.
Oh Sara tried to pick a fight with me today, but I said yes because I knew she wouldn't go through with it.
Did she?
Haha, no way, she backed out. xD
#macho #mean #rude #sarcastic #snooty.
by hehehehe ^_^ December 04, 2012
When you smell CUNTNESS, there is a Sara near. You can hear her lips smack together when she walks, even though her mouth is closed. Some would say that having sex with one named Sara, is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. A Sara is one who will come at you in a manly white girl want-to-be gangster fashion. She will bobble her head while yelling at you as if she was practicing sucking your penis or about to eat off your face. Sara is one who lacks self-respect and vaginal cleanliness. A Sara is usually quite psychotic and has been known to stalk their prey and fake pregnancies to try and keep her man-whore like animal caged because her pussy don't do the job! All in all, a Sara is a lying, cheating, ugly, slightly thicker to fat sized, crazy, she-man who threatens to murder non-existent babies, CUNT.
Example 1:
"Do you smell that?"
"Smells like cuntness."
"Sara must be here."

Example 2:
A Sara pregnancy
"I'm pregnant"
"I don't believe it"
"Sure, it's true, you can google 'positive pregnancy tests' and it's the first image result"
#sara #sarah #cunt #ashley #slut #hoebag #sheman #herpes
by Dr. Dolittle2 November 08, 2012
A type of Beer that rocks our world! Not to be confused with Rowan, another type of beer thats a porch monkey
That Sara Beer is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Copyright August 15th 1990
#sara #beer #awesome #rowan #porch #monkey
by mrbrightsideangl January 18, 2008
the biggest bitch in the world who only thinks about herself. she tries too hard to be pretty when she isn't. she only makes herself uglier if you ever come across a girl named sara gorman...dont talk to her. she will bite you right square in the the butt. its not worth it. while sara means princess....doesn't mean you need to act like one.

girl #1:"ew look at that girl, she is so ugly. everybody says she is such a bitch!"

Girl #2: "what's her name?"

Girl #1: "sara"

Girl #2:" Oh that explains everything"

#bitch #ew #wow #princess. karma #ugly
by truthteller247 June 06, 2011
ginger, annoying, bra stuffer, jewish princess, cat lover, lover of Wilson and Noel, part of a dieing race, GINGER, wannabe whore, loves mexican lotion, in free time likes to stick notes in peoples pants, always single, hides from Nico, has a possessed phone that broke, has a very white butt, fire crotch, likes drinks in bags, JEW, is a barbie girl in a barbie world, she might be all of these things but I love her to death you fucking GINGER!!!!
Sara says shes a dieing race.

Sara go away your hair is giving me a sun burn.

AHHHHHHHHH Sara just mooned me I think I'm going blind.
#ginger #wilson #sunburn #blinding butt #vinny #mallory
by Nessie1212 June 27, 2011
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