Sara Beth Bareilles is an American singer-songwriter and pianist born in Eureka,California. She achieved mainstream success with the single "Love Song" wich was featured in iTunes free single of the week and then her album Little Voice remained in the #1 position for a month.
On October 2008 she released "Between the Lines: Live at the Fillmore" on DVD an CD.
Before achieving mainstream success she released three independent albums: The First One, The Summer Sessions and Careful Confessions.
Sara Bareilles has been mostly recognized for her amazing voice wich is able to keep on her live performances and with her incredible lyrics she has been giving people like me hope for music.
Sara Bareilles is such an amazing pianist.
The last night i almost cried with such an amazing voice!
I love Sara Bareilles
Music needs way more people like Sara instead of musical junk like the jonas brothers.
I for one have hope in music thanks to Sara.
#piano #sara bareiles #love song #voice #sarah #little voice
by Mike918 March 15, 2009
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A singer who has a beautiful vagina.
Sara Bareilles has the most beautiful cunt in the world.
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by Cocktail Sauce #1 May 08, 2009
A piano pop singer-songwriter known for her songs 'Love Song', 'Gonna Get Over You' and 'King of Anything'. She is an angel brought down to earth to entertain and taunt us with her extreme beauty and amazing voice. She has an awesome sense of humor, a large, but attractive nose, and a horrible dirt mouth.
Person 1: +Playing 'Gonna Get Over You'+

Person 2: Who you playing? She's epic.

Person 1: Have you been living under a rock? This is Sara Bareilles!
#sarah bareilles #goddess #angel #mezzo-soprano #piano pop #sarabee
by MusicLovingBleedingHeart November 17, 2012
A singer with a hot body and a lot of guys want her to become a fuck diva.
Sara Bareilles should become a fuck diva.
#fefe dobson #fuck diva #naked diva #strip diva #naked divaing #411 diva.
by Deep blue 2012 August 04, 2010
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