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A fictional country somewhere in between Nepal and Shangri-La. Currently a semi-democratic state. Has had 67 presidents since the establishment of democracy in 1988. Also currently beset by militia groups in it's highly underdevelloped rural areas.

Capital city: Kaboom

Language: Sapsagostani

Currency: Kshatt

Geography: Mountains

Infrastructure: Limited

Sanitary Healthcare: Yes

Really?: No

Seacoast: No

Beachfront Properties: Oddly enough, yes
-Example 1)

Bob: I'm going to Sapsagostan on vacation!

Jack: Cool, can I have your stereo?

-Example 2)

Jenny: Can you believe this place! I can't stand it here!

Benny: Yeah, this place is a total Sapsagostan...
by Dmitri777 November 03, 2007
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