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Similar to Sophia, however the parents of anyone named Saphia thought they would put a "creative" spin on the name so no teacher will successfully be able to pronounce it

(pronounced "Saw- fee- uh" with an emphasis on the "saw")
The teacher was about to call on Saphia, however due to her confusing name, called oh John.
by SophieSaphia September 29, 2009

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A girl who, without ever knowing it, has a million different things going for her, be it her smile, her intelligence or her sense of humor. Furthermore, as her name implies, she is as wise as can be. However, most importantly, she always puts others first, a quality that make her eyes both sparkle brighter than the rarest of diamonds and give you the impression that you are looking into the most exotic of cosmetic nebulas.
How would you describe the perfect girl?

Quite simply, Saphia.
by becuaseyoudeserveit October 21, 2014