Swamp Ass Protection Apaaratus
wearing mesh shorts under your regular shorts
by Anthony Scuba Diver tits May 28, 2003
Top Definition
A varation of sourpuss. Somebody who is being a moody twat
Whats up with your face sapas?

Fraser stop being such a sapas
by Euan_85 April 17, 2009
Society Against Pointless Acronyms
S.O.L. is a pointless acronym for Standards Of Learning- the SAPA should be swooping in any minute now
by brad slocum March 12, 2004
another word for a haitian; any person that does crazy haitian things.
Andre, stop eating people you fuckin sapa!

Kevin, stop speaking in haitian baby language, you fuckin sapa!

Danny, stop flying you fuckin sapa!
by FlyingAppleton July 07, 2009

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