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adj. unable to bad-mouth sex.
"Grandma, you're so santigre - dance with my club!"
by Samuel L. Jackson June 16, 2003
1 1
n. a devout fan of the band Styx
"So I was like 'Santigre?', and Jesse was like 'yeah', I was like 'so?', and Sabrina was all you know, and they were so, like, yeah." "Er, what?"
by Sneve's Mom June 16, 2003
1 0
rock hard tasty abs.
that girl must work out, check out her santigre.
by Derrek Smantol June 16, 2003
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of, being, which, or as a large derigible.
that float santigre are you?

agreeably santigre.
by roberto lasanto June 16, 2003
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purposefully spilling water onto the crotch of a peer as to make them appear incontinent.
that fucking santigre left her wet for a day.

panties get wet by santigre.
by san-tei-grhay June 17, 2003
0 1
a rather unpleasantly shapen chin.
exactly why is that dirty afghan santigre?
by calculated smirnov June 16, 2003
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