adj. unable to bad-mouth sex.
"Grandma, you're so santigre - dance with my club!"
by Samuel L. Jackson June 16, 2003
Top Definition
n. a devout fan of the band Styx
"So I was like 'Santigre?', and Jesse was like 'yeah', I was like 'so?', and Sabrina was all you know, and they were so, like, yeah." "Er, what?"
by Sneve's Mom June 16, 2003
rock hard tasty abs.
that girl must work out, check out her santigre.
by Derrek Smantol June 16, 2003
of, being, which, or as a large derigible.
that float santigre are you?

agreeably santigre.
by roberto lasanto June 16, 2003
purposefully spilling water onto the crotch of a peer as to make them appear incontinent.
that fucking santigre left her wet for a day.

panties get wet by santigre.
by san-tei-grhay June 17, 2003
a rather unpleasantly shapen chin.
exactly why is that dirty afghan santigre?
by calculated smirnov June 16, 2003
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