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The most scrumchulescent you will ever meet. A Santasia is a great friend and she loves to par-tay. Her catch phrases may include: "I don'T know!" (Emphasis on the "T."), "Shut up, I hate you!! (:," "Whathuhfuhh??" and "You butt-licker!" She's downright crazy. She is really really really pretty and she love almost everybody, but not that nasty hoe-skank in the locker room that one time who used to date Dylan Hallagan. Oh, she also lovesss Tod, and taking pisses in people named Jeremy's bushes with people named Hannah, while Jeremy watches.
Girl: Omigod did you see what Santasia did?
Guy: Yeah she just took her top off! I love her!
Girl: How can you love her and not meeeee?
Guy: Santasia is wayy cooler than you and she has bigger boobs. (:
by Sir Patrick Charles Gustav III November 19, 2009
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