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The worlds sneakiest mooch ever. Likes to befriend people based on their income and cigarette supply. You can usually spot them on break stalking their poor victims for their last cigarette. They will sometimes take on the burden of raising somebody elses child for the sole purpose of having an excuse for never having any money for drugs. If you ever want to get rid of a santaferra you must quit your job and stop smoking. Santaferra's are quite clever in the art of bullshitting and enjoy gay humor. Santaferra's enjoy rock music and will occasionally throw a decent game of darts. If you ever see a Santaferra it is already too late.
Person #1 - "Hey dude, can I bum a Stog?"
Person #2 - "Fuck off Santaferra"

Person #1 - "Man, Can you believe that guy? He just smoked my last cigarette then had the balls to ask to borrow a dollar"

Person #2 - "Was his name Santaferra?"

Person #1 - "Whoa. How'd you know?"

Person #2 - "Cause dude he just hit me up for my last dollar and cigarette"

Santaferra - "Hey does anybody have a cigarette for me?"

Potential Victim - "Why don't you smoke one out of the pack you're hiding in your truck ass-hole!?"
by Igotherpes@krockathon August 10, 2010

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