Sanne is a first name originated from Susanna or Susanne.
Susanne/Susanna is derived from the Greek (Σουσαννα (Sousanna)) version of the Hebrew name Shoshannah.

The Hebrew name Shoshannah comes from the word shoshan, which means lily. In modern Hebrew the word also means rose.
Sanne Smith
by Bunni12 January 09, 2011
Sannes are the kindest and more fun girls you'll ever meet. They have amazing smiles and you can usually have great conversation with them for hours. On top of everything they are sincere and have a weird taste for pink diamonds and jamon serrano. The only drawback is that they usually hide in caves and refuse to give you directions there.
Hey let's drink wine with Sanne
by DanishTown June 21, 2014
Sanne is a other word for sex change. Made popular in Holland the meaning started going around the world fast after.

Young kids from the age ranging from 12 to 17 use this to insult gay people.
sanne Hey there you fag, did you have a nice sanne!
sanne's Hey look at those sanne's they seem really gay together!
by Lord_Incognito May 08, 2012
Davey's girlfriend, they fuck a lot! They really like each other. :-)
Me: Have you seen Davey?
Dude: Naw man, I think he's fuckin' Sanne again!
by Your momma December 18, 2003

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