The act of hitting a person with a karate chop to the trachea whilst they are midway through a sentence and exclaiming "Sank!" as you hit their neck.
"So our progress charts are showing a dramatic increase in sales-"

"SANK!" (Karate Chop)
by Landalf November 25, 2007
Top Definition
A alternative to saying "Thanks". Mainly used because less effort is required to be able to say it. Often used amongst the teenage species of remote towns in rural Australia.
"Can you get me a McFlurry if you're goin' to Maccas? Sanks!"
by dw070 July 09, 2005
lazy way of saying "something" in south of england
im just going dan tan for sank
by ross106 April 21, 2008
An Asian immigrant who is unable to speak English properly.
"Oh, sank yu, sank yu."
by Squirrel November 24, 2003
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