Something that is weak, lacking in substance, phony, a poor facsimile
You know Brent's girlfriend isn't sorry for cheating on him. Did you see those sanka tears?

You see the exhaust on that guy's econo-box? That whip is sanka.
#fake #phony #contrived #pseudo #deceptive #inefectual
by C-Balls December 03, 2006
Top Definition
This is a cute way of telling your Barista 'thank you' really early in the morning and wondering if they actually get the joke
Sanka was actually the (or) one of the very first decaf coffees.
by spAce November 12, 2003
A large man of half Italian and half Puerto Rican descent whom has genetalia that is the size of a coffee can, hence the name "Sanka". This man can commonly be found driving an Acura TSX around the state of New Jersey looking for "large" women to have sexual relations with. He may also be found doing extremely fast bunny-hops and 180's on his Eastern Ace of Spades BMX bike. He also enjoys eating his moms homemade stromboli while searching for shemale pornography on the internet.
"Sanka is too busy banging that girl that bought him the comptech Icebox for Christmas to come out and ride with us... He's a pussy."
#adam #sanka #negron #loves #shemales
by Cru Jones January 09, 2009
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