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A really awesome kind of guy. He is "Mr Popularity" and usually has girls drooling over him. Also very athletic and has a great academic mind. He is not too bad at games either, especially First Person ones. Every Sanjiv is extremely talented in basketball. Teens yearn to just be in the very presence this God-like being.
Chick 1: Have you seen that new boy Sanjiv?

Chick 2: Yeah, he is sooooo hot!!

Chick 1: I want to try and say hi but he always has so many friends around him.

Chick 2: Maybe we should talk to him after he dominates another basketball match?
by DarkRising49 August 22, 2011
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Indian name, gender male
meaning: living or reviving
by clapton99 February 10, 2010
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