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Part Indian part Italian guy from Washington currently on American Idol. Not a very good singer, his sister was better. Has long lucious beautiful hair and likes to change hair styles to suit the occasion. Also loves to do the hula.

Sexuality is pending.
me: damn did you see Sanjaya Malakar do the hula?
friend: yeah thats the hula girls do
me: LOL
by A proud gay guy named Johnny March 18, 2007
1)His heart is so big it can't fit in his chest :)

2) My future husband! <3

3) One of the best singers ever.
Sanjaya Malakar is so sweet and cute!
by i<3sanij August 28, 2008
The BEST singer from American Idol. He was voted off country week after singing Let's Give Them Something To Talk About. He is famous for him fauxhawk, or ponyhawk. Some think that American Idol producers kicked him off the show. Fans are called Fanjayas
girl- Did you see Sanjaya Malakar last night on American Idol?
girl's friend- Ya, he was so good!
girl- I know, I LOVE him!
by Alycen April 28, 2007
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