an american idol contestant that shouldnt have even been allowed to go to hollywood. in other words "FAGGOT"!
dave is sucha a Sanjaya
by drefe April 18, 2007
A person people need to stop WHINING about. I mean, who CARES if a guy who can't sing is on American Idol? Give it a rest already! You're just being slaves to the show. Because the more you talk about Sanjaya, the more people watch it out of curiousity. If you don't like him, just don't vote for him! Leave us American Idol haters alone. There are plently of bad singers in the entertainment business. He's not the first. I have never heard him sing, because I don't watch AI, but I DO know that if you don't like him you can turn your television OFF.
Person: OMG have you heard about Sanjaya he is such a bad singer!
American Idol: Yes, talk about Sanjaya. Publicize our show, torture the AI haters.
by Carynne No. April 17, 2007
The only reason to watch American Idol, Season 6.

"You cannot stop Sanjaya -- you can only hope to contain him."
by Nicky Jism March 28, 2007

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