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Its a small city in south maharashtra, famous for its production of turmeric powder and good-for-nothing college kids. Its high on business activities with more marwaris and gujjus than original marathis. it is a quiet place with green roads and worse radio stations (most wiring from Kolhapur). for a quiet, pollution free but non-village life, kick butt in sangli. the neighbouring miraj city is famous for an old darga and Govt Med College. and Bharati Med College. Most you can do on a saturday is watch a movie in multiplex (one and only), order a pizza from dominos (ditto) or laze in the coffee shops or ice cream parlours.
A beautiful city, nevertheless.
Dude1 : what are you doing this weekend?
Dude2 : you askin like there are a zillion options in sangli.
by Mrinx May 30, 2010
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