adj:/ title for a person who is in a bad mood.
Kyle don't be pissed off because you have sand in your vagina.
by gAZI March 24, 2003
Top Definition
a "man" who complains like a woman with sand in her vagina.
Don Pavlic is a sandy vagina.
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
When somebody is cranky for a reason that does not seem to be sufficiently bad enough to bitch about.
"He got a really sandy vagina over getting a cold."
by Mike July 09, 2003
To have sand in one's vagina means to be bothered, annoyed, or angry about something. The vagina in question is a proverbial vagina; people of either gender can have a sandy vagina.

"I have sand is my vagina" is synonymous with "I'm pissed off", "I'm annoyed" etc. Often shortened to "I have sand"
I have sand in my vagina about people asking stupid questions at work.

I have vaginal sand because So'n'so is being a real jerk to me.

That's not cool at all. I have sand about that.

I have a sandy vagina because I missed out on a promotion.
by Gats-pie March 20, 2006
a male that bitches about every little thing, and crys like a little pussy.
Holy shit dude! Get that sand out of your vagina.
by Zedediah May 12, 2005
A really bitchy person, is very irritable and cranky.
Me: oh my god, we gotta get that sand out of your vagina its making you cranky, does it itch?
Dont mind him everyone, ehs got sandy vagina
by Alex Papa February 19, 2008
one can not be a sandy vagina, one can only have a sandy vagina. this term is used to describe someone who is complaining about slightly uncomfortable situations. if a women is complaining about anything, she is said to have sand in her vag. If a man is complaining, he has now lost his penis, developed a vag. and has sand packed inside of himself, also the name sandy can be used for nick name, once the sandy vagina term is accepted by your click!
SON: dad can we go to the beach now?

DAD: Its too hott son

SON: Here is a wet nap dad, you have a sandy vagina
by the sandy man July 26, 2011
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