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When you make a sandwich for your girlfriend and your asshole best friend throws a football and knocks it out of your hand where it lands on the beach. This is followed by other friends taunting you until you get so enraged that you pick the now very sandy sandwich back up and proceed to beat your asshole best friend in the face with it as revenge. This, in turn, is followed by the remaining fallen pieces of the sandwich being picked up once again by the asshole best friend who throws it in your face to try to prove how much of a douche bag he is.
Zach: "Hey, Danielle! I made this tasty sandwich for..."
*Asshole best friend throws football and hits your sandwich*
Zach: "What the fuck? Why are you being such a Sandwich Mike?"
Asshole Best Friend: "Oh, I'll show you a Sandwich Mike!"
*Sandy sandwich fight ensues and no one wins except the audience*
by LimitedEdition May 23, 2013
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