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(n) female acquaintance that will do whatever she is told to do.
Jenny is my sandwich bitch.

me: hey jenny go make me a sandwich
Jenny: i only have pb&j is that alright
me: no
Jenny: ok I'll go get something else
by stud11 June 18, 2009
a woman/housewife whose goal in life is to cook for the male superiority.
Sonia go make me something to eat, you sandwich bitch!
by zoopals September 09, 2009
a girl or bitch who needs to pick up the sandwich she ordered in the cafeteria, but does not receive the text message because it was sent to her fathers phone instead of her own... and now her father hates her friends.
"come get your ramwich bitch" or "your sandwich bitch"


person1: "your a sandwich bitch"
person2: "I'm a sandwich bitch?"
person1: "yeah..."
person2: "Be right there..!!"
by neysha February 21, 2007
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