A sand vagina is much like a regular vagina but instead the flesh is replaced by sand, do not head south of the clitoris on a sand vagina, or you'll find yourself at the pee hole and thats just not fun. If you somehow get bored with the sand vigina, you can keep moving south, there you will find the corn hole, just remember, what goes in, must come out
Hey Look! over there, on the bay!
Its a Sand Vagina thats wants to play!
So jump in friend you good ol' pal!
Or everyone will call you a homosexual!
- Ben (props to Jackass)
by Cool Man (Ben) May 08, 2005
Top Definition
An argumentative, contrary, temperamental or unruly person or thing. The term originally derives from the notion that a woman is grouchy because she has "sand in her vagina". However, the term can also being used on men, animals, or objects that exhibit these characteristics.
"Dave: help me define sandvagina.
Justin: no.
Dave: stop being a sandvagina and help me you ass."

"Matt's just being a little sandvagina because he isn't getting any cock action."
by DaveHarris November 21, 2006
the most enourmas vagina in the world made completely out of sand
I fell into a sand vagina just the other day, I didnt want to go inside of it but my friends they called me gay
by ScarryLarry October 07, 2003
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